There are tens of millions of online retailers worldwide and this number is growing fast. With competition on the increase, developing a solid eCommerce content strategy and executing on it well is one of the most important ways you can reach your target customers more effectively and grow your business faster. To give you an idea of just how important it is, we’ve included a few of the statistics from the experts at Demand Metric:


For eCommerce businesses, customer experience is king. That’s why we’ve published so many posts that share the best ways to optimize your navigation, product pages and more. But even if you’re regularly implementing the latest tips, there’s nothing that will positively affect your eCommerce customer experience more than talking and listening to your customers.

Though you can do that by email or phone, the easiest, most preferred way to connect with shoppers is live chat. That’s why we wanted to share the three ways you’ll be able to improve your eCommerce customer experience after adding live chat and visitor tracking software to your store.


How can you judge which eCommerce sites have the best designs? Let the experts judge for you! Awwwards has earned the prestige and recognition as the top-tier design competition site, and a place among their pages can boost more than just your ego.

We took a look at the ten best eCommerce sites that have won Awwward’s Site of The Day for 2016, and dissected what exactly they did to earn praise. Follow their lead and maybe one day your site will walk Awwward’s illustrious sea green carpet.


Navigation is key to any eCommerce business – after all, in order to buy your product, your customers must be able to find your product first.

At the Baymard Institute, we’ve conducted large-scale usability testing of e­Commerce sites for the past 7 years. We therefore dedicated a full year to test the homepage and category navigational experience. Despite testing 19 leading eCommerce sites, abandonments were common and subpar user experiences were the order of the day. Throughout testing, the subjects had trouble finding products matching basic criteria, such as a “sleeping bag for cold weather” or a “spring jacket”, and task completion rates often hovered as low as 10-30%.


Good UX should be about providing enjoyable interactions with your interfaces. This way your users get to appreciate your brand as well as the products/services it provides. Unfortunately, it’s been a common tactic for quite some time to fool website visitors into providing information, or some other kind of value, for deceptive purposes.

Commerce in general, and eCommerce specifically, work on principles of fairness. Provide a useful product and receive a fair value in return. Content marketing works the same way. Provide helpful/actionable content and you receive traffic, brand loyalty, and conversions for your troubles.