First, a mouse steered a boat. Then a princess got poisoned by an apple. The next thing we knew, animation in web design was part of our everyday lives, from children’s media to insurance commercials.

animation in web design

Source: Wikimedia Commons

When animation first came into early websites, it elicited nothing more than an “isn’t that cute?” reaction. Beyond some mild entertainment, it was useless.



“T-Shaped” is one of those kitschy buzzwords being bandied about the corporate world these days. T-shaped professionals are those with a deep understanding of their chosen discipline, while still maintaining an above average knowledge of other interrelated disciplines that they come across in their career paths. A marketing exec that:

  • Knows how to code
  • Is familiar with a/b testing
  • And can interpret data analytics
  • (more…)


Whether it’s your first rodeo or your 50th – it’s always the same. You’ve meticulously chosen your products, crafted a beautiful design for your new site, built it, set it live and watched that heart-warming first sale go through. Now it’s time to grow.

Of course that’s easier said than done. Growing your eCommerce store takes the same amount of patience, and the right balance of ingredients as it does when it comes to growing any plant. And while it would be preferable to buy the $50 fertilizer that you know will work wonders, sometimes it’s just not within your budget.


The world of eCommerce is changing; consumers expect more. Free and same-day shipping, a seamless checkout experience, immediate answers to questions, and above all, to be entertained; which is what we’re addressing today.

It’s no longer enough to have a website with pretty pictures and fun descriptions. Leading brands know this, and are using content to build strong, lasting relationships with their customers.


What’s the fastest growing industry in recent years? According to eMarketer, in 2015 consumer electronics had the greatest share of sales of any other category in US Retail eCommerce and will stay in first place, with 22.1% of the total in 2018. Add to that its inherent popularity and the price of high-ticket items like computers, and you have a market that can both satisfy shoppers and line your pockets.