ecommerce platform migration

Migrating from one eCommerce system provider to another is probably the most stressful decisions an eCommerce retailer has to make. It comes with great risks – including long unavailability of a store or lack of opportunities for development.

The most common reasons for changing a platform provider include:

  • problems with the quality and punctuality of provided solutions,
  • problems with software – expensive and long-lasting changes, lack of opportunities for development,
  • (more…)

design proposal

I used to be a designer.

I was a pretty good one actually. But that’s the problem. I thought being a good designer was enough. I’d point potential clients to my portfolio and expect them to hire me right away.

They’d tell me to send them a proposal for a website design. I’d spend hours doing my research and drafting up the proposal. With a big smile on my face, I’d send it to them and I’d keep hitting refresh on my inbox waiting for their response like a scorned lover.


The big difference between an eCommerce store and a brick-and-mortar one is the fact that customers can’t hold and try out products online. The challenge for eCommerce businesses is to effectively communicate the value of their products online so that customers don’t need to actually try the product.

That’s where product pages come in. Unfortunately, the web is plagued with boring product pages that don’t really convince most people to take action and buy. In this post, we want to highlight some of the coolest product pages we’ve come across, and hopefully inspire you to add something unique and creative to yours.