Product Page

Too often retailers are lazy with their product descriptions. They either copy and paste in boring ones from their manufacturers, or they just list a bunch of features that make your eyes glaze over.

Your product descriptions are where you make the pitch. You explain to the customer exactly why they need to buy the product right now!

Think of it like a conversation. When you sell something to someone face to face, or on a phone call, you don’t just rattle off a bunch of features or a script, do you?

Instagram for eCommerce

A recent survey says Instagram accounts for only about 10% of total eCommerce revenue coming through social channels (Facebook leads the pack at over 60%). This sounds like bad news if you’re trying to sell through Instagram but here’s a better perspective: 10% of total eCommerce revenue through social channels is about $300 million and the survey sample was about 500 retailers.

Instagram is still a fantastic place to build your brand and sell your products. If you’re someone like Ashley of Bloom Designer Finds, you could be making upwards of 30-40 sales every day just through Instagram. Not only this but Instagram’s average value per sale is one of industry’s highest at about $65. That means people who purchase through Instagram are more eager / willing to spend a higher value than people who purchase through Facebook or Twitter.

Design Mistakes

Back in the day, eCommerce sites used to be built from scratch. Projects would take months, and cost 5-figures and more. Expensive and time-consuming for sure.

In the modern era, platforms like LemonStand make things incredibly easy. In fact, with some platforms you can have a store up and running in 15 minutes. However, it still behooves retailers to customize their store. After all, copycats never last long in business.