50 Shades of Growth - eCommerce growth hacking ebook

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of our new eBook, 50 Shades of Growth!

As part of the launch, we’re also doing a giveaway where the top 3 sharers will receive $3,000+ worth of eCommerce growth hacking tools. Before I go into the details of the book and the giveaway, check out the landing page and enter yourself to maximize your chances of winning!

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About The Book


Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce

Jevin Maltais is the principal business consultant at Quickjack Solutions, a boutique consulting agency focused on growing e-commerce store’s revenue. Jevin’s in-depth expertise and knowledge of eCommerce and Google Analytics means he’s the perfect guy to walk us through setting up Enhanced eCommerce on your eCommerce store.

Google Analytics continues to be one of the leading packages for web sites on the internet. In 2014, they released a solid set of reports designed specifically for eCommerce Stores. Today, we are going to show you how to get your store setup so you can capture the most actionable data you can about your visitors and how they buy.

eCommerce market size

Have you ever wondered how many online stores there are in the world, how big the eCommerce market is, whether it’s growing and if so, how fast? No one should start a new business (or run an existing one for that matter) without doing some basic market sizing. We’d like to share what we’ve learned in our journey to size the eCommerce market opportunity for LemonStand with you since, if you’re reading this, you are either already involved in this market or thinking of jumping in.