A yellow lemon. A juicy lemon as bright a yellow as the sun’s rays. Which description do you prefer? Which lemon would you rather buy?

Product descriptions are extremely important. They can tell a story or make you laugh. A good product description has the ability to increase sales, move a customer to action and even make an emotional connection.

Think of a product description like an in store sales person. A person good at their job will make your want to buy the product. How? By being enthusiastic! They don’t just recite the features and expect you to buy it.

Yet, so many online stores do just that. They simply list out features or, even worse, they don’t even provide a description.

Putting a bit of effort into every product shows you care. It shows you’re an expert on this item and you believe in it so much that you have to talk about it.

The following are stores that have used the product description to either tell a story, use descriptive words, make you laugh or keep you engaged in what they have to say.

Anorak Online

Anorak gets straight to the point in their sleeping bag product description. They highlight a big pain point for their customers and describe exactly how their product solves that pain. It’s not just another sleeping bag, it’s a bag designed to give you space and not make you feel constricted.

Key Takeaway: Talk about how your product solves customers’ pain points.

Anorak product description


A bandana is really just a square piece of cloth, but Bushsmarts makes it sound like a lot more. In their product description, they make it sounds like it does things that other bandanas can’t, like filtering water, drying dew and covering your face. With the Antler, you’re not buying a bandana, you’re buying a pocket pal.

Key Takeaway: Make your product seem like more.

Antler Bandana product description

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitter has turned what looks like a silly book into something that’s a must-have for guys with their product description. It builds an emotional connection with consumers by offering them hope.



Key Takeaway: Build an emotional connection with customers.

CatLady product description


Instead of listing out the features, CB2 weaves it into the beautiful prose that is their product description. The description is vivid and you can almost image how the colors will brighten up your room.

Key Takeaway: Combine vivid imagery with product features.

CB2 product description


Fab’s product description evokes that warm feeling when you cuddle up in a blanket on a cold day. They use words like cozy and snuggly to connect with you.

Key Takeaway: Use words that connect with your audience.

Fab product description

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s product description oozes class. They talk about the high-quality wood and explain why it’s so important. The piece is pretty pricey, so they set high expectations with the description. It’s not a chair to place in the basement, it’s meant to go on a patio or near a pool.

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Key Takeaway: Your wording should match the type of product your selling.

Furniture product description


This USB drive by Mimoco wants to store your data! The description appeals to Star Wars fans and is clearly meant for a niche audience. It’s not meant for anyone who doesn’t care for the series, but that’s ok.

Key Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to niche down and speak to a small audience.

Jabba product description


Shoppe does something interesting with their product description. They start by saying that every man worth his salt should master the art of the shave. The implication being if you haven’t mastered the art you’re not worth your salt. And, of course, the only way to master it is to get their shaving kit.

Key Takeaway:  Position your product as a must-have in its niche.

Soap product description

Triumph and Disaster

A strong feeling of tradition is what Triumph and Disaster evokes with its product description. It’s nostalgic and appeals to an older generation who feel lost in an age of electric shavers.

Key Takeaways: Associate nostalgic memories with your product.

TriumphShave product description


Another product just for Star Wars fans, this description is on the funnier side. ModCloth makes up scenarios like asking a Wookie to repeat, which will never happen but is funny to think about.

Key Takeaway: Add humor to your description.

Wookie product description


This product description from Roxy is short and sweet. They don’t have a long list of features that you don’t care about. They draw a comparison of their cardigan with your boyfriend and tell you the size and cloth type.

Key Takeaway: Keep it simple.

Roxy product description


MyPakage highlights a whole bunch of problems that men have with regular boxers and shows us how their product solves those problems. The description is broken into easy to digest bullet points. The best part is, they make it sounds pretty funny while doing it.

Key Takeaway: Use bullet points to make your text readable.

MyPakage product description


Writing a good product description starts with getting a good understand of who you’re selling your product to. As you’ve seen in many of these examples, the descriptions are targeted at certain people. Highly targeted descriptions are more likely to convert visitors into buyers if it speaks to their interests or solves their problems.

Pro-tip: It’s tough to figure out what kind of description works best. Should it be light-hearted or serious? Short or long? The best way to find out is to test it.

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