For eCommerce businesses, customer experience is king. That’s why we’ve published so many posts that share the best ways to optimize your navigation, product pages and more. But even if you’re regularly implementing the latest tips, there’s nothing that will positively affect your eCommerce customer experience more than talking and listening to your customers.

Though you can do that by email or phone, the easiest, most preferred way to connect with shoppers is live chat. That’s why we wanted to share the three ways you’ll be able to improve your eCommerce customer experience after adding live chat and visitor tracking software to your store.

The easiest, most preferred way to connect with shoppers is live chat. Click To Tweet

Offer help at the right time.

More than 83% of shoppers need help at some point during the buying process. Keep them moving through the funnel by automatically offering assistance at crucial times with live chat. Set up your chat box to automatically message users who land on the checkout page, so customers can talk to a real human and ask last minute questions about shipping or product customizations.

More than 83% of shoppers need help at some point during the buying process. Click To Tweet

This capability can also help reduce shopping cart abandonment — the bain of every online retailer’s existence! Since 68% of all eCommerce transactions are abandoned at the checkout, any tactic you can use will directly affect your bottom line.

68% of all eCommerce transactions are abandoned at the checkout. Use live chat to decrease that rate. Click To Tweet

Discover how your customers really shop.

Even though you’re an expert on your products and services, you may not be an expert on your customer’s buying process. To get inside your consumer’s head, use a website visitor tracking tool to see how shoppers move through your site, what pages they’re looking at, and where they get held up in real time.

If you notice someone lingering on key conversion pages, visitor tracking also makes it easy to start a chat conversation with those users and help them through their purchase.

Optimize your site navigation.

Once you’re tracking website visitors, you’ll begin to see patterns that indicate which products customers are most interested in. Take note of the webpages shoppers visit most and reflect on customer feedback from live chat or sales calls to see if your existing navigation makes it easy for shoppers to find those pages. If not, you may want to consider reorganizing your categories or highlighting popular pages that are less visible.

It takes less than five minutes to add Pure Chat’s live chat and website visitor tracking to your LemonStand site for free. Check out this three-step tutorial to learn how!

1. Go to and sign up for free.

Once you’ve filled out the signup form (it’s just four fields!), the next screen will show you your live chat/visitor tracking code. Copy that and get ready to add it to your LemonStand site.

Improve eCommerce Customer Experience With PureChat

2. Click over to your LemonStand dashboard.

Select Store Design in the left hand menu. That will open up a new dropdown where you’ll click Partials, then layout-footer. In the content box on the layout-footer page, paste the Pure Chat code just before </footer>.

Create a Beautiful eCommerce Customer Experience with LemonStand

3. Hit save and visit your site to see the new chat box!

If it doesn’t appear right away, just click back over to your Pure Chat dashboard and make sure the Available on Chat Boxes option is toggled on.
online store with livechat

Once you’ve added live chat to your eCommerce store you can start engaging leads and customers in real time from your desktop or mobile device! That personal connection will give you real insights into customer needs, so you can improve the eCommerce customer experience and boost sales. 

Has your business implemented live chat? What impact has it had? Let us know in the comments below!