Los Angeles based women’s underwear retailer and LemonStand customer Beau Undies launched their business in the lead up to the busy holiday season in 2017 and has been growing like gangbusters ever since.

They offer a selection of beautiful, simple and definitely not boring underwear that can be purchased on a one time basis or delivered regularly as a monthly “Beau Bag” subscription. Subscribers receive a curated selection of 2 new pairs each month to keep their underwear drawers up to date and exciting.

We talked to Gina Harrison, CEO of Beau Undies, to learn more.

Introduce Beau Undies and tell us your story

“One night, I hosted a girls-night-in and subject of underwear shopping came up. It was discovered that all the ladies attending were wearing underwear from the same big retailer. This quickly led to the question of why there are such limited options for women to buy underwear that is beautiful and high quality, yet more affordable and more convenient than having to go to the dreaded mall every few months.

That’s how Beau Undies got started! Beau Undies is a subscription based service for beautiful, affordable, and conveniently delivered monthly undies. You simply choose your size and style preference and get 2 luxurious pairs delivered to your door for only $13.99 +tax (Free Shipping!). “

Monthly Beau Bag

How are you growing your online sales? What marketing and growth strategies and/or tactics are working for you?

“We are using social media the most with our business as our target audience is very active on Instagram and Facebook. We’re using a combination of  brand ambassadors and promotions via Instagram and Facebook to drive most of our growth right now.”

How do you handle things like customer service, shipping, fulfillment, etc. Are there any tools you’re using that help?

“Customer service is one of our highest priorities. We understand the importance of hassle-free service for customers and do whatever it takes to make sure all of our Beau Babes are very happy with our products and services. We’re using LemonStand’s ShipStation integration to automate label printing and manage fulfillment and it has been a great tool for us thus far. “

What is your overall impression of LemonStand?

“LemonStand has been wonderful for our business. We initially started off using Shopify, but realized that platform was not able to customize as much as our business model required. LemonStand has been perfect for our subscription based business so far.”

What are some of your favorite features of LemonStand and why?

“We love the simplicity of the site and the level of support has been amazing. Compared to other support staff on other platforms, I feel that LemonStand really stands out in supporting their clients.”

Beau Undies Instagram Tiles

Would you recommend LemonStand to others who need an eCommerce site? Why?

“Absolutely. LemonStand is really the best way to go if you’re starting a subscription eCommerce business as far as customization and support goes. My experience has been wonderful, and I’d highly recommend LemonStand! ”


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