As anyone who has developed software knows, the user interface can be the difference between a product that is used and loved, and a product that isn’t used at all. Creating a beautiful, intuitive user interface is also one of those things that can take an extraordinarily large amount of time. Not only does it take a huge amount of thought to work out how users will navigate through the software, but putting together buttons, toggles, radio switches, icons and overlays can be frustrating, time consuming and difficult to make cohesive and in one uniform style.

The company I work for, Print Express, often build smaller products for the internal teams to use (and we also often build products of our own as side projects) and creating really nice, user friendly interfaces has always been one of the more time-consuming aspects of it all for us. We also run a design blog and – as a way of giving back to developers and designers – have started to commission and give away free UI kits that can help developers get up and running quicker with their software. But it’s not just us – there are loads of beautiful, free UI kits out there that have been created by incredibly talented designers, and they can all help you to put together a stunning interface to make your software product more usable and stylish. In this post, I wanted to bring together a collection of my favourite free UI kits for both web and mobile to hopefully help make your life easier. While the UI kits that we at Print Express have released are free for both personal and commercial projects, please do check the license agreements for any others listed here as some may require attribution or may only be used for personal projects.

Free UI Kits for Web

Spire UI Kit

Spire (above) is a beautiful, clean UI kit that we had commissioned at Print Express. It uses a flat design and makes use of high contrast colour pairings to stand out. Spire is available for both personal and commercial projects completely for free.

Joocy UI Kit

Joocy is a fun, bold UI kit that’s full of colourful personality. Personally, I love the yellow and blue palette for the graph. Like Spire above, it uses flat design and so high contrast buttons are used to draw the eye, and slightly darker tones add emphasis. Joocy is available for free for both personal and commercial projects.

Jefferson UI Kit

Jefferson, above, is one of the most popular UI kits that we at Print Express released. It’s a darker, moodier UI kit and it’s dark grey backgrounds suit websites and apps that take themselves seriously, but the thin bar of bright colour at the top of each element adds some personality and fun back into the mix.

Dijon UI Kit

Dijon is a light, clean and minimalist UI kit that makes heavy use of white-space to give each element some room to breathe. It was designed to be clear and readable and to create beautiful websites and apps with a focus on usability. Dijon, like the other UI kits we created above, are completely free for both personal and commercial projects.

Bootstrap Startup UI Kit

The Bootstrap Startup Kit, above, is designed to work with – you guessed it – Bootstrap. It features a series of UI cards that can be mixed and matched to create your own beautiful landing pages to help promote your startup or product.

Visage UI Kit

Visage, above, is a beautiful, light and clean UI kit with a great blue and white colour palette. I love how certain elements in Visage make use of subtle blue and green gradients too. This UI kit makes it easier to build beautiful e-commerce websites with components that include forms, headers, footers and product display cards.

 Flatlay UI Kit

Flat Lay, above, contains 11 stunningly designed web elements that make heavy use of flat design and look gorgeous when paired with visually striking images. Flat Lay is (at the time of writing) available for personal and commercial projects for free.

Mobile UI Kits

Inspiration UI Elements

Inspiration UI Elements, above, is an absolutely stunning kit designed for mobile user interfaces. It makes use of plenty of white space to help each element appear calm, uncluttered and usable while its muted colour palette helps action items like buttons pop.

Social Leads App UI

Social Leads App, above, is a UI kit built for Sketch. It’s been designed for mobile and is specifically for an app that captures lead data.  Surprisingly enough, this one even goes so far as to include templates for marketing screens in iTunes, which is definitely a step further than you might expect.

Snap Mobile UI Kit

Snap, above, is a free mobile UI kit for Sketch. It includes a ton of beautiful elements, from buttons, search bars and sliders to camera elements and notification bars. It’s also worth visiting the site to try out their prototype tool before you download the kit.

Portal Mobile UI Kit

Portal, above, is a stylish UI kit for mobile built for Sketch. It has a focus on big, bold heading typography and is visually stunning when paired with full-screen background images.

Conversational UI Kit

Conversational UI kit, above, is designed to get up and running with an iOS chat app quickly. It includes three screens – two of which are the main conversation display, while the third screen is a stylish settings overlay screen.

Material Mobile UI Kit

Material UI Kit, above, follows Google’s material design which is somewhere between a flat and a skeuomorphic aesthetic. It has a strong focus on a slick, stylish colour palette with darker tones for emphasis, but it also makes use of a shading to create some depth for things like buttons or clickable elements. This UI kit is available for Sketch, PhotoShop or Adobe XD.

Minimal Chic UI Kit

Minimal Chic, above, is a stylish mobile UI kit designed for iOS. It’s perfect for anyone looking to create an e-commerce mobile app as it has views for product category pages and product pages, as well as the usual account settings and login screens. Minimal Chic is available as an Adobe XD download.

Bronze UI Kit

Bronze, above, is a slick UI kit that’s been built mobile-first – but can work well on tablet and desktop too. It’s suitable for a range of uses as it comes complete with signup, login and user profile screens, but also has templates for articles that make use of gorgeous typography.

So there you have it, our roundup of beautiful, stylish, free UI kits. Once again, do be sure to check the license agreement for any of these before you use them as some may require attribution or be restricted to personal projects. If you are aware of any other free UI kits that deserve a mention, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!