Is your eCommerce website design starting to look dull or outdated? Do you need to jazz up your online store while making sure it stays profitable? We’ve reviewed hundreds of online stores to help you discover the quirky, user-friendly and all-around awesome eCommerce website design ideas top retailers do differently that you should start doing too.

In this article, you’ll learn the simple touches you can add to your homepage, product collection, product page, customer support page and about us page. So let’s dive in!

Homepage eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Wanderlust and Co

Wanderlust eCommerce website design ideas

Wanderlust incorporates some of the latest website design trends while giving you a feeling of nostalgia with past trends too.

Gifs started taking over website designs in 2017 and will likely continue to do so. Wanderlust uses gifs on their homepage banner by rotating their ring images back and forth in a simple design. It caught my attention so much that I actually clicked on the collection. You know a hack is effective when a professional marketer falls for it.

As you scroll to the bottom, you’ll also notice the scrolling collection of customer photos. Showing a nonstop flow of customer photos helps confirm your popularity giving your online store the perfect amount of social proof you’ll need.

Back in the day, website designers would create graphic cursors and Wanderlust elegantly brought this trend back. The minimalist design of a diamond, moon or lightning bolt is simple, cute and noticeable giving the online store an added touch of fun flair.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing eCommerce Website Design Ideas

If you had to describe Pretty Little Thing’s website design in one word that word would be: consistent.

While they constantly update their homepage with new graphics, the graphics are always perfectly on brand. Their imagery is vibrant with color. Their outdoor lifestyle shots also appear on product collections giving the whole website a unified look.

As you scroll through their homepage, you’ll notice that their images usually have picture borders giving the image an added touch of emphasis.

Their captivating images draw you into product collections effortlessly making the website design effective at leading you through to the product pages.


Cirkul eCommerce Website Design Ideas

LemonStand customer Cirkul’s homepage minimalist design draws the eyes right where they belong: the call to action.

The yellow-orange add to cart button directs you towards making a purchase. However, if you decide to scroll down, the call to action is carefully placed three more times adding the emphasis that the homepage needs.

The call to action button remains the same vibrant color regardless of where you find it on the homepage or within the website. It almost directs the flow of the funnel through the website. The button can be found on the homepage, product page and checkout page.

Product Collections eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Angela Monaco Jewelry

Angela Monaco eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Angela Monaco Jewelry has a stunning product collection page.

At the top of the collection page is a brief description, likely for SEO, and a beautiful lifestyle shot of one of their products.

As you scroll through the product collection, the images shown are zoomed in allowing customers to see finer details. The product name is bolded giving it stronger emphasis than the italicized price tag below giving it a clean, minimalist appearance.

As you hover over the image, an arrow pointing right appears forcing your eyes through the collection. Notably, the direction of the product is also faced in the same direction unless a lifestyle image is present. It’s a subtle way to capture movement in design yet it’s done effectively.

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Another jewelry brand showcased one of the best website designs within product collections.

Erica Weiner’s product collection has a responsive design. If you have a large monitor, you’ll see that an extensive number of product images will line up across your screen. This helps reduce the number of scrolls a user needs to do to view the entire collection.

The product images are placed on a faint yellow background instead of a white one giving it a vintage flair which is fitting for this specific example.

At the top of the screen, you can choose to filter items so that you can zero in on the exact product types, eras, costs, and more to better personalize the shopping experience.


Asos eCommerce Website Design Ideas

ASOS’ has perfected product navigation on their product collection.

Those browsing through the collection can clearly see the filters at the top of the screen allowing customers to narrow down the type of product they’re looking for.

Customers can sort by price and popularity, style, length, size, color and more within their dress category alone.

Each product category has its own set of filters catered to that specific product type. For example, under jeans, customers can choose to sort by denim wash color.

Product Page eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Style Keepers

Style Keepers eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Style Keepers product page follows the intuitive layout most online stores follow.

What they do differently is subtle yet can be effective. More online stores are starting to follow suit with this specific product page website design idea. Essentially, Style Keepers adds a light grey border around the copy and call to action.

On a product page, the image is always emphasized due to its pop of color on the page making the right side of the page a weaker focus. Adding a border around it draws the eyes to the right side where you’ll find the well-contrasted call-to-action.

After all, the goal of an online store isn’t to have customers look at pictures but to get them to buy now.


Soludos eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Soludos’ product page showcases the sizes of all their shoes in plain view.

More online retailers, especially within fashion, are moving away from drop-down menus and showcasing product sizes this way.

This can create a better user experience since its easier to find the right sizes. Unavailable sizes are typically greyed out adding emphasis on available sizes.

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It also simplifies the size selection process allowing your customers to add products to their cart faster.


Rezlo eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Rezlo’s LemonStand powered product page stands out with its colorful and clean design. The product page starts with a product lifestyle image and eases into product details as you scroll through.

The color swatches found on the page are more prominent than traditional ones allowing you to see the color clearly. Size choices are also in plain view. The black call to action showcases a strong contrast against the clean white background.

As customers keep scrolling, they’ll find customer testimonials for the product, other relevant product details like fabric and garment care, size charts and more. Thus, giving customers the details they need to feel confident in their purchase.

Customer Support eCommerce Website Design Ideas

East Dane

East Dane eCommerce Website Design Ideas

East Dane has the most detailed customer support page you’ll find online. But their website design helps minimize the overall impact of a text heavy page by having dropdown menus.

Above the fold, you’ll find the three main ways to communicate with the customer support team. Considering most people just want to talk to someone this level of focus is necessary.

However, below the fold, customers will find answers to their common inquiries.

Under Shipping, you can choose the country you’re shipping to to find exact shipping details for your country. However, they already have geo-location tracking on it so it’s likely already showing you personalized information.

They add callouts with important information and dropdown menus if there’s more details to keep a clean, minimalist look on the page.


Lulus eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Lulu’s customer service page offers all the details you’ll need on one page.

The page includes a dropdown menu of Frequently Asked Questions with short and sweet answers.

If a customer’s inquiry isn’t answer on the page the customer contact details are included on a Contact Us link above.

It’d actually be interesting to see these two pages combined into one to keep it simple for customers.

About Page eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Seventh Ink

Seventh Ink eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Seventh Ink’s LemonStand powered about us page provides the details customers need to build trust with the online retailer.

The introduction includes two paragraphs of text which is broken up with a stylized, easy to read quote to help reduce a text heavy appearance. Three vibrant images follow that strongly contrast against the dark background giving the about us page more personality.

The website design continues to balance out text with images to create a clean and engaging about us page. It also includes a fun time lapse illustration video showcasing the process Matthew Johnson, the designer, undergoes while creating his unique designs. It includes a callout to his YouTube page to help increase his social following.


Ugmonk eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Ugmonk’s about is page starts off with a captivating video introduction.

It then goes on to tell the company’s story. The website design on this page is all about the visuals.

There’s subtle design elements like a slight change in color that changes throughout to keep you reading on. Images are centered around the products and the designer.

Certain key sentences are bolded to add emphasis and to stop a scroller in his or her tracks to read what’s written.

Ugmonk humanizes their brand with added touches of their social responsibility projects and family photos.

The positioning of the images draws your eyes to continue reading the entire page. And with the large fonts used, reading doesn’t seem like a daunting task for a long page like this one.


Fabletics eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Fabletics is likely the best example for an eCommerce about us page.

The emphasis of the about us page is on Kate Hudson. She’s the company co-founder and a famous celebrity which makes adding her as the focus of the page the best kind of social proof.

The best part of the page is how optimized it is for conversions. Very few brands have optimized their about us page for conversions, however, we’ll likely see more brands making the shift as time goes on.

The first moment is with a call-out to ‘Shop Kate’s Picks.’ However, after scrolling down their timeline and looking at their updated media coverage, you’ll be asked to ‘Start Shopping’ with a strong red call to action.

Some brands go as far as adding their best-sellers to the page in hopes of landing the sale.

And why wouldn’t it convert? The customer just learned how awesome your brand is on your about us page, now’s the perfect time to drive them back to products and into your sales funnel.


Everlane eCommerce Website Design Ideas

Everlane uses images that take up the whole screen in their about us page design.

The focus on the page is on their ethical approach so they add videos and pictures that showcase how happy their workers are, how they work and charts to showcase full transparency.

They’ve added design elements to showcase how much money they make per product and what their true costs are.


These top online retailers are unlike most eCommerce brands. They add website design elements that simplify the shopping experience for customers or highlight the unique selling proposition of that brand.

When reimagining your website design, focus on providing value for your customers. What features do they keep requesting? How can you make the shopping experience easier or more playful?

These ecommerce website design ideas are just the starting point for your store. Some of them may not work well for your brand and that’s okay.

By building a website that serves your customers, you’ll be one step closer to hitting the conversion goals you set.