Innovative flavored water subscription startup and LemonStand Premium customer Cirkul worked directly with our product team team on some extensions to our built-in subscription engine before launching their online store a few months ago. Prior to their launch, they got some serious market validation from an Indiegogo campaign that reached 667%  of their funding goal – wow!

Cirkul is on a mission to help the world drink more water and needed an advanced subscription platform that would allow them to create a similar experience to Harry’s. They offer a trial period and free trial pack which includes a free water bottle and some samples of their awesome flavored water cartridges for new customers.

After the trial period ends and the subscription starts, they’ll ship however many flavor cartridges are selected on a monthly basis. Subscribers can log in and change their plan and/or flavor selections before any upcoming shipment to mix things up. They even offer their cartridges on a one-time purchase basis for those who aren’t ready to sign up to a subscription yet.

We talked to Cirkul cofounder Garrett Waggoner to learn more.

Introduce Cirkul and tell us your story

“Cirkul started in the locker room at Dartmouth College when we were both studying for our exams. Garrett began pouring sports drink powder into a narrow mouth water bottle and started spilling and creating a mess. Garrett asked what if you could just insert something in and drink, no messes, powders, or liquids? Andy said, why not?

From there we started brainstorming our perfect beverage system to solve the issues we personally experienced as athletes. This was the fun part as we came up with the different features we have today, such as the flavor adjuster. “

How are you growing your online sales? What marketing and growth strategies and/or tactics are working for you?

“We’re extremely data driven and really look to find the cohorts that best match the target audience of Cirkul. The good thing about Cirkul is everyone drinks water so currently our audience is a wide range of individuals but we’re continuing to narrow down our exact target audiences as we collect more and more information from our current customers. We’ve mostly been utilizing targeted Facebook ads and we’ve been seeing some great results so far from this strategy. “

How do you handle things like customer service, shipping, fulfillment, etc. Are there any tools you’re using that help?

“Customer service is extremely important to us at Cirkul and we never want our customers to feel they’re receiving canned answers from a robot. Instead of having a third party handle this, we handle every message internally to guarantee we’re having an impactful conversation with the customer.

We look at customer service as an extension to the marketing team because it’s a unique chance for us to have an intimate dialogue with the customer which is hard to replicate with ads on Facebook. Handling the customer service ourselves also helps us react quickly with our R&D and assembly teams if any issues come up with the product.

Nothing is more important in the early stage of our business than understanding what customers think and learning how we can improve the overall experience from our flavors, design, fulfillment and shipping process.

Our fulfillment and shipping is handled by our partner, Fosdick, who receives the finished product and then processes all of the orders we receive through LemonStand. They’re the final step before or customer receives the product so it’s very important to have a partner you can trust to insure the customer receives the correct product in the best condition possible so they have a great first impression. “

Cirkul Flavors

What is your overall impression of LemonStand?

“Lemonstand continues to impress us with their willingness to go above and beyond what we ask and ability to accomplish what they promise from day one. They’re definitely one of the leaders in this space.

Aside from the product, our website is arguably the most important piece of our business because as an eCommerce company, this is our store. The first impression someone gets of Cirkul is when they go to and look around. The easy to use layout really helps our customers of all ages navigate and select the product they desire. ”

Would you recommend LemonStand to others who need an eCommerce site? Why?

“Absolutely! As we mentioned earlier, LemonStand has gone above and beyond for us, even working on projects after work hours to meet deadlines or fix any issues that come up on the site. They’re extremely responsive and will make you feel like they’re a part of your team and have a real desire to see your company succeed. What you see is what you get with LemonStand and they’re good on their word.”


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