Based in Metro Atlanta, GA, Beads In Bulk has been involved in the wholesale distribution of beads and related products since 2003. Importing beads direct from manufacturers enables them to provide price savings direct to their wholesale customers, who buy in bulk.

The business has continued to grow, and in 2015, they decided to modernize their technology by migrating to LemonStand’s cloud eCommerce platform. Today, they ship orders to their wholesale customers all over the world.

We talked to Sandhya Sharma, Owner at Beads in Bulk, to learn more.

Introduce Beads In Bulk and tell us your story

“Having seen how beads are made from my childhood there was no question on what I wanted to do. After getting married and moving to the United States, I finally got a chance in 2003 to fulfill my dreams and was born. Today, Beads in Bulk delivers beads and jewelry making components to businesses and jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.

Directly going to the source and procuring beads enabled me to pass on the savings to my customers and that made it possible for me to grow a large and loyal customer base. There are ups and downs in any business and I have had my share too. We took on many challenges, learned how to overcome them,  and have always managed to find a way forward.

The most important thing we do is provide our customers with what they need at a fair price and with great customer service. “

How are you growing your online sales? What marketing and growth strategies and/or tactics are working for you?

“Social media has been huge for us. We’re using social channels like Facebook and Pinterest to build an active and engaged community, and we do email campaigns where we personally contact our customers to update them on new products and promotions we think are relevant to their needs.

How do you handle things like customer service, shipping, fulfillment, etc. Are there any tools you’re using that help??

“Lemonstand has an extensive list of integrated apps. We’re using ShipStation to help us automate our shipping and fulfillment processes, and have enabled both Stripe and PayPal to let customers pay by credit card and/or their PayPal account.”

What is your overall impression of LemonStand?

“LemonStand has been a true partner to us. We are small business and do not have a lot of technical skills or resources. Lemonstand has provided us with a platform to serve our customers in an easy to use way, that works on any screen size or device. ”

beads in bulk - products and categories

What are some of your favorite features of LemonStand and why?

“The ability to customize every pixel of our website is something that I am very impressed with. We’ve been able to make our store truly unique and created a fun and memorable experience for our customers. We’re also heavy users of the built-in integration for advanced eCommerce tracking with Google Analytics. This has helped us analyze the customer experience and optimize our website and sales conversion as we’ve grown.”

Would you recommend LemonStand to others who need an eCommerce site? Why?

“I would definitely recommend LemonStand to those who are looking for an eCommerce platform provider. Lemonstand provides all the features we need to run our online store, and their pricing is very competitive. They also don’t charge extra transaction fees regardless of who we use for payment processing. For a small business like us, keeping costs low and maximizing our margins is very important. As well, their support staff are excellent and we always feel like we’re getting quick and personal service when we need it.”


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