To launch their new LemonStand powered online store in 2017, Quantum Squares worked with trusted LemonStand agency partner The Jibe. They wanted to design and develop a beautiful home for their brand that would allow them to show off their products and encourage new customers to try them. They also wanted make it simple and easy for them capture recurring monthly revenue from subscription signups if customers liked their products.  We interviewed Daniel Medvene, co-founder of Quantum Squares, to learn more.

Introduce Quantum Squares and tell us your story

“We’re a fairly new but fast growing startup based in Santa Monica, California. We’re more than a little bit obsessed with movement. It’s driven by our belief that life doesn’t start at 9 and end at 5 and that the world doesn’t slow down on your way home in traffic.

We make Quantum Squares, caffeinated energy bars infused with as much natural caffeine as a cup of coffee and the same amount of protein as a whole egg, plus macros for long-lasting energy, without the crash. Our chefs, dietitians and food scientists worked hard to make squares for long-lasting energy that actually taste really great.”

How are you growing your online sales? What marketing and growth strategies and/or tactics are working for you?

“We are driving traffic to our landing page and website through organic search and with Facebook advertising. We are A/B testing different creatives, both images and videos and fine-tuning which offers and messaging drives traffic and conversion most efficiently.

We offer our products as a standard one time purchase and also on a recurring Subscribe and Save subscription model.”

How do you handle things like customer service, shipping, fulfillment, etc. Are there any tools you’re using that help?

“We use a number of tools that integrate to LemonStand to efficiently operate our business. We’re using Intercom for sales, marketing and customer service. We use ShipStation to automate our shipping and fulfillment processes across our branded LemonStand powered store as well as marketplaces we sell on like Amazon. We chose Stripe for our payment processing, since they made it very easy for us to get started. “

What is your overall impression of LemonStand?

“Lemonstand has enabled us to create pixel-perfect designs which was a very important element for our project, since we wanted to present our products in the best possible light. Our developers at The Jibe have been able to quickly and easily create a beautiful, customized store that offers both one-time purchases as well as subscriptions with different discounts and coupon codes.

Once the design and programming were completed we have been able to maintain the site, update our content and run new promotions with relative ease. ”

What are some of your favorite features of LemonStand and why?

“We love the fact that the features for selling products on subscription in addition to standard one-time purchases were built right in to the platform and no third party app plugin was needed.

We looked at several alternatives in our planning stages and found that managing one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions in different tools was going to cause us all kinds of operational headaches.

It was also obvious to us they’d end up costing more in both subscription fees and payment transaction fees.”

Would you recommend LemonStand to others who need an eCommerce site? Why?

“I would (and do) recommend Lemonstand to business owners looking to launch or re-launch their websites.

I feel that the platform is an ideal solution for all eCommerce business with wonderful customer service and a development team constantly delivering updates and new features. ”


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