It was on Thomas Buchan’s trip to New Zealand with his family that he discovered the wonderful world of meal-kit delivery services.

“As a father of three kids, as a busy guy — my wife and I are both entrepreneurs – I thought wow, we should sign up to something like this when we get home. It was a business model I’d never heard of before. But we couldn’t find a solution like that in Vancouver. We decided to chat with some friends and we banded together to create Fuud.”

Since then it’s been constantly evolving, but it’s kind of like this: Fuud is a subscription service that provides fresh, locally-sourced ingredients with recipes from local chefs in Vancouver, Canada. All of your seasonal materials arrive in a stunning kit, along with recipe cards. Customers get to rediscover their love of cooking, and enjoy an immensely satisfying meal in the process.

Fuud subscription recipe

If you’re thinking “that looks amazing.” It is. We can assure you.

The LemonStand team was particularly interested in this subscription box, and a few of our team members gave the service a try. And well – they’re now Fuud subscription customers for good.

Okay, enough drooling. How does this work with LemonStand?

As you can imagine, there’s a ton that goes into the eCommerce aspect of a subscription business like this. Initially, Fuud went about exploring options like WordPress with WooCommerce, but discovered a hard requirement: they needed some sort of subscription functionality that was native to the platform. They didn’t want the added complexity of add-ons and adding developers along the way. 

“We talked to a few of my friends in the industry and did some research on LemonStand. We read through the roadmap content and documentation, set up a trial, knowing that LemonStand had subscription service support. It really saved a lot of startup cost to adopt LemonStand solution from the get-go and allow us to verify the whole model.”

Fuud subscription

Their needs were complex, however. They wanted to give their customers as much power over their recipes as possible. Fuud’s co-founder and developer, Ben Ho, shares some insight on what the workflow looks like, customer-side:

We’re using the subscription service model, it’s a big module. It’s got a lot of moving pieces, but it’s really comprehensive. We’re able to create meal plans, associate recipes with those meal plans and change out the recipes on a weekly basis as we rotate them. Subscribers can subscribe to meal plans as we update them, and select certain recipes they want. This is all done with the backend API that LemonStand has made accessible to the front end website. 

With help from The Jibe design and eCommerce agency, Fuud developed a seamless system that gives their customers control over their meal options.

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The benefits of high-touch support

As a new business, it’s hard for Fuud to foresee what functionality they’ll require before they need it. It’s early days, and they’re staying responsive to their customers and making it their business to delight them as much as possible.

We don’t know what step is going to follow this one until we launch it. But we’ve never encountered a negative response from LemonStand in terms of “No, that’s not possible”. There’s always been a receptivity and a resilience in the system, and we’ve been able to implement new possibilities because of it.

We get a lot of requests or feature requirements from our customers. LemonStand has always been able to address that, and it’s always been inexpensive to do that. As a young company, we don’t have a huge chunk of resources toward these features. Being able to roll out new features that make our customers feel like there’s being embraced and looked after – it’s a beautiful thing.

What’s next for Fuud?

More of Fuud’s immediate initiates have to do with leveraging the new upsells feature to drive up average order value. They intend to give their customers access to other artisan products – jams or sauces, for instance –  to go with their meal plans on a weekly basis. 

We’re going to work closer with LemonStand to push the envelope a bit. We’re going to encounter more complex use cases, and that’s exciting. We want to grow Fuud and see what happens.

And we want continue to be their platform of choice, because so far the results have been delicious.