We’re excited to announce that LemonStand has been again named a double G2 Crowd eCommerce High Performer for Fall 2018!  Since they first initiated coverage back in 2016, G2Crowd has consistently ranked LemonStand as one of the overall top rated eCommerce platforms with a High Performer rating in the G2 Crowd eCommerce Platforms Grid® Report.

Earlier this year, G2 Crowd decided to start to publish their rankings on a quarterly basis and segment out their eCommerce Platform Grid Reports by business size. They also broke their Grid into separate Small Business (50 or fewer employees), Mid-Market (51-1000 employees), Enterprise (more than 1000 employees) and maintained an Overall ranking to help online retailers of different sizes and with different needs research the platforms most relevant to them.

We’re proud to say we continue to be ranked as an eCommerce High Performer in both the Small Business Grid as well as the Overall Grid!

LemonStand recognized in Overall and Small-Business E-Commerce Platforms based on user reviews
G2 Crowd has also started gathering more in depth feedback, which is helpful to other users as well as vendors like us. We were very happy to see that our customers scored us very high on some of the things that we think should matter most to them, and definitely matter most to us. Some highlights for the Small Business segment, which is what we’re focused on, are below:

  • Top 10 Ranking (number 7) in the E-Commerce Platforms Results Index – this index is based on feedback related to return on investment
  • Top 10 Ranking (number 8 ) in the E-Commerce Platforms Usability Index – this index is based on feedback related to ease of administration and ease of use
  • Top 10 Ranking (number 10 ) in the E-Commerce Platforms Relationship Index – this index is based on the quality of support and ease of doing business with the vendor
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We also did a deep dive on their methodology and noticed a very interesting and important score that they don’t break out separately in their published reports, but that is in our opinion an important metric to call attention to – Net Promoter Score (NPS). This measures customer satisfaction in a somewhat different way and our score for LemonStand was the highest of all vendors in the Small Business Grid with a whopping score of 95!

For those who aren’t familiar with NPS, any score above 0 is generally deemed good, and anything above 50 is typically deemed great (for example, according to NPS Benchmarks, Apple’s current NPS score is 72 and Tesla’s NPS score is 96) – the highest of all companies in the benchmark). Of all the vendors on the G2 Crowd E-Commerce Platforms Grid for Small Business, we’re very proud to say that the LemonStand NPS score of 95 was the highest.  By comparison, the average for all vendors in this report was 48 (still pretty good) and the lowest scores were well into the negative numbers.


G2 Crowd eCommerce High Performer

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