It is a known fact that customers now look for reviews before purchasing a product.

If you’re selling the same product as another eCommerce store, but the other eCommerce store has reviews, statistics show us that the customer will go with the other store.

Merchants can’t afford to underestimate the power that product reviews hold. eCommerce stores that allow product reviews have increased their average order by 42%! That’s nearly half of ALL orders.

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Product reviews have time and again proven themselves as an integral part of eCommerce stores. But why are product reviews so imperative for your online shop?

Trust and Loyalty

You may have heard of these two companies before: Amazon and eBay. Since 1997 they have been allowing product reviews which has led consumers to expect and want to read reviews before they make the purchase.

When it comes to product reviews, people tend to be more trusting of people they don’t know. They think “these people aren’t trying to sell me on anything, they are being honest” With online shopping, you never really know whats going to end up on your doorstep. It helps peoples minds, that are more wary of online shopping, at ease.

Product reviews allow people to “test out” the product before buying it which can be incredibly helpful. For example, Urban Outfitters sells art on their website. Art can be tricky to buy online as sometimes colours are not the same as in real life or the actual printed area may be smaller than it appears online. Knowing these things before buying can be extremely helpful.

UO Product Reviews

Customers will also come to trust you! When you allow others to have a voice, it shows that even if there is a problem with one of your products, you’re willing to listen and correct the problem.

Good customer service is extremely hard to find and often times customers concerns or complaints are ignored. Allowing reviews gives customers a chance to express how they feel about a product or a problem that may have occurred. This gives you a chance to remedy a bad situation.

There’s also benefits from asking existing customers to contribute to reviews. Asking customers for reviews makes them feel like they are part of your community and gives them a sense of duty. Doing this will in turn increase loyalty.



As you may or may not know, search engines hate to see a site with duplicate content. Search engines however, love fresh and unique content. Product reviews are great for SEO because they are updated frequently with fresh and relevant content.

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Long Tail Keywords

Another area in which it helps to have product reviews is when it comes to long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase.

For example, if a person is looking for specific pair of runners they may put something into the search engine like “nike air pegasus” vs “running shoes”.

How does this benefit you? Customers often leave longer reviews, think sentences, and what they write could be just what other customers are going to search for. They reviews are also specific to that certain product.

Increase CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. Say you were to search for a product by name in Google, you will most likely see at least one website in the list that has a set of gold stars below the listing. Those gold stars show that customer reviews are allowed on your site and show the average rating. When someone searching sees this, it catches their eye and they are now curious to see what the reviews have to say. They will click on the link which will lead them straight to your website.

The review stars can also be picked up by Google Rich Snippets – detailed information intended to help users with specific queries. These can then appear within either organic or paid Google listings.

Nike Air Pegasus Product Review


Product reviews can help grow your company.

Positive reviews show you what you are doing right. They can help others come to trust your company and products. Most importantly, they increase conversion!

Negative reviews, whether aimed at your company in general or of a certain product, can help you solve problems that you didn’t know existed. For instance, you may have a product that gets damages easily. You can figure out why this is happening and address the issue.


By now you should know that you need product reviews! They help grow your company, improve seo ranking and earn trust and loyalty from new and existing customers.

Is there an instance where product reviews have helped your company? We would love to hear from you!

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