Using eCommerce videos as part of your marketing tactics is one of the most under-utilized techniques when it comes to promoting products and services in the online world. Despite its popularity and obvious benefits like increased user engagement, greater brand exposure, and improved search ranking and traffic, not many eCommerce marketers make use of this technique.

As competition between online retailers continues to grow in 2018, it is increasingly important for eCommerce businesses like yours to focus more on video marketing to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your conversion rate.

With the continuing rise in the use of mobile devices by consumers, the demand for visual content, be it explainer videos, how-to videos, etc, has been exponential. Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of adding eCommerce videos to your website and the different types of video marketing strategies that you can make use of in order to successfully grow your online store.

Benefits of Adding eCommerce Videos To Your Website

Google Loves eCommerce Videos

A recent survey by ThinkWithGoogle estimated that over 50% of internet users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. It is for this reason Google loves and gives a prominent position to eCommerce videos on search engine result pages.

Bumble and Bumble incorporates video into their product page

As a visual medium, eCommerce videos have a greater chance of attracting your audience’s attention. Thus, to boost ranking and to increase the organic traffic of your eCommerce website, investing in video marketing is extremely important.

Easy To Share

There is more chance of a customer sharing eCommerce videos about a product than a long text description.

GoPro uses exciting video that people want to share

With the rise in the popularity of social media platforms and almost ubiquitous access to high speed internet, sharing eCommerce videos has become much easier. This can help you garner more pageviews and increase audience engagement. In addition, eCommerce videos are more likely go viral than long-form content, which, in turn, will get you more referral traffic from diverse sources, thus helping you boost your site’s SEO.

More Engaging Than Long-form Content

Customers today, would rather watch a demo video or explainer video about a product or a service then read about it. eCommerce videos connect you with your audience helping you bridge the gap through the means of visual communication. It also helps buyers make a quick and informed decision from the plethora of choices that are available.

Sony’s product pages have long form content that showcase videos

Additionally, by making use of eCommerce videos to promote your products you are providing them with a superior online shopping experience, which gives you an edge over your competition.

Creates More Brand Awareness

According to these YouTube statistics by FortuneLords, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day and over 5 billion videos are watched every single day by individuals around the globe. If these statistics don’t inspire you to get started with eCommerce videos today, we’re not sure what will :-).

And by taking advantage of Google’s ad platform for YouTube, even a short, well-made video ad can exponentionally increase your site’s chances of appearing in the top 10 YouTube search results. By adding eCommerce videos as a marketing focus, you’ll be able to grow awareness bigtime!

Generates More Leads

eCommerce videos can be a great lead generating tool when accompanied by an enticing call-to-action. Be it subscribing for your YouTube channel, signing up to your newsletter or capturing the contact information of potential buyers, by adding strategic call-to-action to videos to your arsenal you can capture more leads and improve your cost of customer acquisition.

One of the best ways to capture leads and increase conversion via video is to make use of gated content.

 Generates More Leads

Here users are required to provide some information in order to get access to the whole video. However, for this technique to work, you need to ensure that the video you’re offering access to is enticing enough to pique users’ interest, which, in turn, will help you convert a potential lead into a buying customer down the road.

Different Types of Video Marketing Strategies for eCommerce

An About Us Introductory Video

More often than not, customers are reluctant to purchase online. If you are a newbie in the online world or just launching your first eCommerce store, then creating an introductory video on what your brand is about and what products you are offering can go a long way in building trust and gaining popularity in a short span of time.

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Check out a great example of this from the home page of LemonStand, the host of this blog, in the below video.

Placing an explainer video on your homepage is an engaging medium through which you can educate as well as inform your audience about your business idea and the benefits that they can avail by using your product or service, which, in turn, makes your brand more memorable.

Product Features Demo Video

eCommerce videos as a marketing strategy can be used for both new as well as established products. It is the most popular type of video marketing technique and allows potential buyers to understand a product better before they purchase it.

Below is a great example of this in a Philips 4K HD TV product features video.


Delivering content in this format allows you the luxury of walking your audience through the best features of a product through simple graphics that are fun, enjoyable and informative. In addition, by including a demo video on your product pages, emails and on social media, you are increasing your chances of acquiring new customers, as those who found it useful or interesting will very likely share it with their peers.

Testimonials or Review Video

It should come as no surprise that testimonial and review videos can help boost your conversion rate. As a marketing technique, this is the most powerful strategy simply because customers who have already purchased your product or made use of your service and found it useful are endorsing it.

The “Dove girl” series of eCommerce videos created by Dove is a great example of how to leverage social proof through testimonial videos.

According to statistics from Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Thus, including product reviews and testimonials on your eCommerce website is a now must. Done well, they’re perceived as an unbiased review from real customers that helps boost trust and increase the confidence of prospective buyers.

Comparison Video

As the name suggests, this type of video enables you to compare and highlight the pros and cons of two different products. As the eCommerce market is huge and the products available are virtually limitless, this video strategy can endear you to your target audience, as this helps make the buyer’s task of choosing the best product easier

For example, check out this comparison video of the Bose SoundLink Mini vs JBL Charge 2.

This comparison video offers a clear idea as to what each product has to offer with regards to sound quality, enabling customers to make the right choice based on their individual needs and requirements.

How-To Video

The market share of how-to videos is huge compared to other video content. According to Wyzowl statistics, 68% of users would prefer to watch a video that explains how to solve a problem, as opposed to calling the business and speaking to a support team member. This is especially helpful for someone considering purchasing a product who wants to see what might be involved in setting it up, assembling, using or maintaining it.

Step-by-step tutorial videos can allow you to virtually “test” a product before purchasing it and also educates you on how to use a product the right way in order to get the best out of it.

For instance, here is a how-to video on ‘How To Connect an HP Wireless Printer with Windows 10.’ Check it out!

These detail oriented eCommerce videos can be low cost to make, since you’re essentially just demonstrating the product. And the better and more detail oriented your video is, often the higher its chances of garnering more pageviews and click-through-rate. This, in turn, helps boost your site’s ranking in search engine result pages and can result in a lot of sharing, both of which can drive traffic to your online store.



The way people are accessing and consuming information in 2018 forward is changing dramatically. For online retailers, using eCommerce videos as a core pillar of your marketing strategy is become every more important to ensure successful growth.

If you’re not already using eCommerce video content, now is a great time to start. If you’ve already had some success with eCommerce videos, now is the time to double down and take it to the next level, to stand out from the crowd and grow your business even faster.

Does a certain type of eCommerce video work well for your business? Share your examples and success stories in the comments below.