For all you Apple fans out there, you’re going to love this week’s Funnel Fridays. Today we’re looking at the conversion funnels of two eCommerce stores selling Apple related products. First up, we have Nordic Appeal, a Danish retailer of Macbook and iMac accessories. Next we have Bite My Apple, an eCommerce store featuring iPhone and iPad gadgets that started on Kickstarter.

As always, we have a Conversion Rate Optimization expert with us. This time it’s Dragos Dragusin from Marketizator. One of his recent A/B tests was picked as a Silver Winner at The Best Online Tests Of The Year and also it was chosen as a Test of the Week. Feel free to congratulate him in the comments section below!

We don’t have a video to share with you today, but Dragos has written up detailed reviews for each store. Hopefully you’ll find these useful and can pick up some ideas for your eCommerce business. Let’s get to it!

Nordic Appeal

Nordic Appeal has a lovely, minimalist store design, much like their products. However, great design doesn’t necessarily mean great conversions. There’s always scope for improvement and Dragos has some interesting suggestions for A/B tests.

Home Page

Value Proposition – The first thing you notice when you visit the homepage is a large image showcasing some of their products. However, the value proposition is not clear right away. Sure, the products look great, but why should customers buy from this site instead of their competitors?

Dragos suggests overlaying the image with the value proposition and adding a call to action to start shopping.

Nordic Appeal ecommerce conversion funnel review

Test Idea: If you aren’t sure how best to convey your value proposition, you should try testing it. You have 7 seconds to convince visitors to buy from you, so it’s important to get the value proposition right.

Shopping Cart Icon -Nordic Appeal’s shopping cart icon is hidden away in the top corner and doesn’t indicate that it holds any products. You want to remind customers that they have products in the cart, so that they don’t forget and leave the site without checking out.

Dragos suggests making the icon larger to make it stand out. When a product is added to the cart you can show the quantity near the icon and highlight it in a different colour. The mouse-over action could display the shopping cart contents.

Nordic Appeal ecommerce conversion funnel review

Search Field – A search feature is important for any eCommerce store. It helps customers find what they are looking for faster, and it helps retailers determine what customers are searching for.

Dragos has written a detailed article on how to analyze your store’s search using Google Analytics so have a look at it if you want to learn more.

Product Page

Product Description – The product pages on Nordic Appeal are not the typical eCommerce pages. Each one starts with a large hero image of the product, with a short description over the image. Unfortunately, while it looks good on a large screen, it doesn’t work on smaller screens like laptops, tablets or phones.

Nordic Appeal ecommerce conversion funnel review

As you can, it’s almost impossible to read the descriptive text under ‘Improve your workforce’. If you decide to try something like this on your eCommerce store, be sure to test it on different screen sizes. Online shopping is not limited to desktops anymore, and more people are shopping from their tablets and phones these days.

CTAs – Because of the page design, the calls to action on the Nordic Appeal product pages are pushed way down. The Add to Cart buttons are at the bottom of the page and while scrolling you’re left wondering if the page is just an online catalogue or actually a product page.

Even if you decide to go with an unconventional design, be sure to place calls to action right at the top of the page, and a few places in between if it’s a long page like this.

Cart Page

CTAs – From a lack of calls to action button, Nordic Appeal suddenly has too many in their cart page. Have a look at this cart and see if you can figure out which button they want you to click.

eCommerce conversion funnel review

At first glance, it looks like there are three CTAs. On closer examination, it turns out that one of them is the product quantity. Out of the other two, one is an ‘Apply coupon’ button, which we’ll get to later, and the other is an ‘Update Cart’ button, which I clicked assuming, in my haste, that it would take me to checkout.

It turns out that none of those buttons matter, and the real ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button is below the fold. If your main CTA is difficult to find or distinguish from other buttons, you’re doing something wrong. The ‘Proceed to checkout’ button has to be above the fold and immediately visible.

All other buttons are secondary and, hence, unnecessary. There doesn’t need to be a large ‘Update Cart’ button. The cart should automatically update the moment something changes. If that doesn’t happen on your store’s checkout, it’s time for you to use a better shopping cart.

Test ideas: Test the call-to-action text “Proceed to Checkout” vs. ”Secure Checkout” with a lock icon and a coloured button (Ex.:green)

Coupon Field – We’ve addressed the coupon field issue in our previous Funnel Friday, and Dragos picked it out again. He suggests making it smaller so that it doesn’t compete with more important CTAs. Turning it into a link is a good option too.

In general, a major problem with coupon boxes is that it encourages customers to leave your site in search of a coupon. Unless you have an active promotion running, and your coupon codes are obvious to anyone browsing your store, you don’t want to have obvious coupon boxes on your cart and checkout pages.

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Checkout Page

Form fields – At first glance, there seems to be too many form fields on the Nordic Appeal checkout page. It turns out that the ‘Ship to a different address’ option is automatically enabled, showing the shipping address form as well. Your customers will more often than not ship to the same address, so don’t auto-enable this.

Nordic Appeal eCommerce conversion funnel review

Also, try to pre-fill as many of the form fields as you can. For example, the Country field in the Nordic Appeal checkout defaults to Denmark, but detecting the customers’ country and pre-filling that can save them some time.

Finally, try combining fields like First Name and Last Name. This just makes the form look less daunting.

Trust Symbols – Nordic Appeal assures customers that they use a secure server with an SSL but that’s at the bottom of the page and not immediately noticeable. Trust symbols around the credit card area are a better alternative.

Test Ideas: Try testing out different trust symbols to see which ones convert more.

Bite My Apple

Home Page

Value Proposition – Again, Bite My Apple doesn’t have a value proposition up front. They show images of their products in a slider. We’ve spoken against sliders so many times, and we’re not going to start on that again.

Newsletter Popup – There’s nothing wrong with popups in general, but you need to get them right. Give visitors a real reason to subscribe. There’s too much mail spam these days for people to care about your newsletter unless they get some real rewards.

eCommerce conversion funnel review

Test Ideas: Dragos has some interesting suggestions for Bite My Apple to test, but you can try something similar for your store.

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter – Be the first to know about new products, promos, and contests.
  1. Join Bitemyapple Nation (or Join Bitemyapple Private Club) – Win exclusive phone gear and hear about new products first!
  1. Be one of the first to beta test new devices before they launch, get access to exclusive deals, discounts, and free promotional products.

Call to action: Join the private club.

Risk Reducers – In addition to your value proposition, you want to have what are known as risk reducers across your site. These are things like free/fast/worldwide shipping, warranties, and money-back guarantees. It just gives your customers more reasons to buy from you.

Product Page

CTAs – It seems to be a common trend to confuse customers with multiple CTAs. Firstly, the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on the Bite My Apple product pages are typically below the fold. Some of the product descriptions are too long and this pushes the CTA down the page. A better way to design it would be to start with a shorter description and show the CTA above the fold, then continue with a longer description below.

Secondly, there’s an email subscription button competing with the ‘Add to Cart’ CTA. As a retailer, you really need to figure out what’s more important to you and direct your customers there. At the product page, when a customer is clearly interested in the product, adding it to cart is way more important than getting their email ID.

Cart Page

FAQs – Customers are always going to have last-minute questions before they pay, so you need to preempt those objections. Something that Nordic Appeal does is add a FAQ section below the cart. This is a good idea for any eCommerce store, and allows customers to quickly find answers to common questions like shipping times and rates.

Checkout Page

Customer Experience – The checkout page on Bite My Apple is vastly different from the rest of the site. The logo suddenly disappears, the fonts seem to be different, and the CTA colours have changed. Even the domain is different.

Online shoppers are very careful about where they enter their information. There are too many phishing scams happening. That’s why it’s important to add things like trust symbols, risk reducers, and contact details. You want to build trust with customers so that they buy from you.

The last thing you want to do is destroy all that trust by redirecting them to a different page. With a checkout page like Bite My Apple’s, it’s obvious that customers are on a different site. Customers are left scratching their heads, and they’ll just leave instead of take the risk.

Trust Elements – Continuing on the issue of trust, things like trust badges go a long way in reassuring customers and have been known to increase conversion rates at the checkout dramatically. Other ways to reassure customers are to remind them of your risk reducers, and add your contact information. An email address is good, a phone number is better, and a chat box is the best.

Unfortunately, in addition to the previous issue, Bite My Apple provides none of these reassurances to customers. Don’t make the same mistake on your store.

Want Your Store Analyzed?

Dragos and his team at Marketizator can help you out. Alternatively you can add your email below and we’ll do a brief analysis of your store in our next edition of Funnel Fridays.

I hope you got some new testing ideas for your store with this post. If you have friends who own online stores, share this with them so that they can benefit from the ideas we discuss. And don’t forget to congratulate Dragos in the comments below for winning an award with his A/B test!

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