Shopping cart abandonment continues to be a main concern across eCommerce sites. While an average of 70% of eCommerce carts are abandoned, the tools you choose to integrate with at checkout can give you a leg up.

The decisions you make for your checkout have serious implications on your conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Make some simple adjustments to your payment offerings and payment forms, and see drastic results.

$159.6 billion – that’s how much estimates that underperforming merchants will leave on the table in 2016. That is a huge loss, and optimizing your checkout can help.

Payment Offerings Optimization

Gone are the days of only accepting Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. Not only do all three now offer faster checkout tools, but the statistics prove that they also convert better.

eCommerce checkout optimization

For example, customers who have signed up for Visa Checkout have a 69% conversion rate, while PayPal Express customers have a 62% conversion rate, and traditional checkout customers convert only 41% of the time.



Apple Pay

Apple Pay has exploded across mobile, working for in-app purchases and pioneering the mobile wallet. Now, Apple Pay has come to the web.

eCommerce checkout optimization - Apple Pay

While it is too early to find out accurate conversion rates for Apple Pay web since it just launched in September 2016, their mobile conversions are already looking promising.

The article, “The effect of Apple Pay on the App Store: Ka-ching!” stated Apple Pay has already become the No. 1 payment method at On the website, 30% of all transactions on eligible devices are now completed with Apple Pay, and conversions on those devices are up 109%.

Don’t brush off Apple Pay as the latest trend in checkout. Their hold in the marketplace with the rise of mobile is already a force to be reckoned with.

A Balanced Checkout

The trick is to balance the number of payment options you have available at checkout – too many, and your checkout becomes cluttered, and your customer confused.

The average number of payment methods accepted in a report on the 30 best-performing merchants was 8.7, while the industry average was 6.1.

eCommerce checkout optimization - Best Buy

Best Buy puts both Visa Checkout and Checkout with PayPal on their shopping cart page. If you click to checkout normally, you’re then taken to a standard payment field with six payment options and two promotional options:

Best Buy checkout


Start by taking a look at your transactions and find the most commonly-used credit card, then try implementing their checkout tool. Once the data comes in, you can decide to keep or discard that payment option, then move on to testing another one. Repeat this process until you get the results you’re looking for.

Your goal is to strive for a balanced checkout. If your checkout becomes crowded, you may need to remove a few unpopular choices. Listen to your customers above all else. If they’re not using it, why keep it?

Payment Form Optimization

Your payment form is a pivotal tool that can either work for you or against you. While you will need to optimize your entire checkout and your store for mobile, you should start with your payment form.

Your payment form is where the real conversion happens, and if it doesn’t shepherd people through easily, you will have issues.

Field Management

Less is more, and having fewer fields has proven to help your case in closing the deal.

Having the option to copy the billing address to the shipping address is an example of an easy conversion boost. One hundred percent of the top 30 merchants in the PYMNT conversion report all had the same shipping as billing feature.

Seventh Ink checkout


Smart Forms

As your customer progresses through the payment form, reassure them with in-field data validation. Have inline confirmation for credit card type, the number of digits, and expiry date all to reassure the customer. For a customer, nothing is more frustrating than entering all your information then having it declined because of a typo.


And since your customers don’t all fit into a box, why force their information into the same box? Your payment form should be able to decipher information in different forms. For instance, credit card numbers with and without spaces should both be recognized by your form.

You can also build your payment form to be smart enough that you don’t need to ask what credit card they are using. The first few digits of the credit card number always indicate the type of credit card.  

credit card options at the checkout

For more information on how to tell the credit card by the number of digits, you can CyberSource for a more detailed account.

Mobile Proof

Your payment form should also be optimized for mobile. Unless you want to miss out on the approximately 155.5 million users who will have made at least one purchase via a web browser or mobile app on their mobile device by 2017.

Just take a look at Hudson Bay and Dominos payment forms on mobile. Now remember this is through the Safari app and not their individual apps.  

checkout optimization

You can barely see the payment fields for The Bay. Domino’s however has it mobile responsive, making it easier to fill in your payment information.

Your payment form should also be responsive and be text block smart, which will allow it to understand if the keyboard needs to be in alphabetical or numeric mode. This gives your customers’ fingers a rest and advances them through the form automatically.

Final Thoughts

A beautiful website can be completely derailed by an ill-performing checkout. Knowing which payment types to offer and add isn’t always easy. By keeping up with industry reports, you will be able to anticipate and capitalize on new technologies such as Visa Checkout and Apple Pay.

The payment form is one of your most valuable assets, so don’t ignore it for another day. Having a simple form that is smart and responsive is becoming table stakes.

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