When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, Zendesk doesn’t cut corners. Giving back to their neighborhood has always been a part of their corporate culture, whether it’s donating $1 million to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital or cleaning up their local neighborhood. In fact, Zendesk is leading the way and setting an example for other tech companies in Silicon Valley.

“There are always 10-20 other things going on,” Eva Chen from the customer success department says. Zendesk employees receive weekly emails about ongoing activities and a monthly rundown of volunteer opportunities in their community.

This Friday, 50 volunteers from Zendesk will be helping decorate community housing. next Monday they’ll be helping out with meal services. There’s also an ‘Adopt a family’ event, a way for employees to donate holiday gifts to families in need.

“The list goes on,” Eva says as she scrolls through her mail. She, along with a few co-workers, will be helping out at a local food drive this week. Her department has actually split up into teams and they have a little competition going to see which team can collect the most number of food boxes for the drive.

However, instead of just collecting boxes from their own kitchens, Eva and her team decided to increase their buying power and collect donations online. With the added funds from the donations, they can go out and buy even more food for the drive.

But they wanted to do more than throw up a Paypal button. They wanted to make it engaging and get donors involved. So that’s why they decided to use an eCommerce platform.

The idea was to have people shop for the food on the store, like any online store, except behind the scenes it works more like pooling payments.

Using LemonStand, Eva was able to create a beautiful storefront and display all the food items that donors could contribute to. The food drive is only on for this week. On December 6th, they’ll stop accepting donations and will buy food for the food drive with the money they have collected.

Zendesk food for holidays

For such a short term project, Eva wanted to create a storefront fast. She needed a service that could support all the backend requirements out of the box while she quickly mocked up a front end.

Of course, LemonStand isn’t the only platform that handles all the backend features. Almost every other major platform does too. So what made LemonStand stand out from the rest?

I really, really, really like the customizability of it. A lot of other options are more for people who want drag and drop and very simplified customizations. That just didn’t appeal to me. When I found LemonStand I was really happy.

Eva isn’t an expert on eCommerce platforms, but she felt right at home on LemonStand. Most other platforms have very limited customization features. They say they are 100% customizable, but that just means that you can customize everything that they allow you to customize.

There’s nothing wrong with those other platforms if you don’t care about customizing your store’s shopping experience and design. With those platforms, it’s all about speed. You create an account, upload your products, and slap on a theme in five minutes.

However, as a designer and developer, being able to control the design was important to Eva. Besides, she didn’t much care for the theme selection that other platforms offered.

The themes on LemonStand are really, really nice. Whoever your designers are, they are awesome. I browsed through other platforms and their variety didn’t appeal to me.

LemonStand doesn’t have a huge selection of themes, but quantity doesn’t matter. It’s quality that does. Our themes are built so that stores can use them as a foundation to build from. In fact, we urge stores on our platform to take advantage of that and customize them as much as they can.

I like how I can pretty much just swap in anything I want. Everything was pretty easy to set up. I finished 90% of it in just 2 days. Everything was straightforward and the documentation was easy to follow.

The best part is, this customization process isn’t very time consuming. Eva managed to create a gorgeous site in just two days. It’s simple and serves the purpose. She was even able to add a countdown timer on top to get people to donate sooner rather than later. She also customized the checkout process specific to their situation.

Zendesk Food for holidays

If you want to be a part of this amazing initiative and give back to the community, now’s your chance. Head to their site here, add the food that you’d like to donate, and checkout. It’s quick and easy, and all your money goes straight to purchasing the food you selected.

As for us at LemonStand, we’re glad to be able to support this cause by helping Eva get her store up and running, and we hope that the food drive is a success.

I just really want to thank you guys for taking the time to help out. Danny and your devs were really helpful and I’m very happy about that.

If you want to keep an eye out on more CSR events from Zendesk, stay tuned to their excellent blog. You can be sure that they’ll be doing more community service like this every month. And when Eva sets up another store with LemonStand, we’ll be sure to let you know about it!

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