At LemonStand, our mission is to power the best online stores in the world. That’s why we’re so excited about this new feature release: upsells and cross-sells.

This new feature helps online retailers increase their average order size by encouraging customers to add complimentary products to their order. The best part? It accomplishes this using honest but effective retailing approaches, and it’s built right into LemonStand, rather than it being an app.

What are up-sells and cross-sells?

Glad you asked! To explain, let’s think back to the days of yore when people used to buy things inside physical stores, long before eCommerce (yucky, I know) platforms like LemonStand existed.

You might be shopping for a new dinner table at a local store, with the help of a friendly salesman. A beautiful teak table catches your eye. The salesman lets you know that if you buy the table + matching chairs, those chairs will be discounted by 25%!

Even though you already have some chairs that could work, these chairs match perfectly and you probably won’t see a price this good for a long time.

Something else catches your eye.

A teak lounge chair with matching fabric that’s staged next to the table. You know the perfect spot for it in your home. It’s not on sale, but you decide to buy it because you just can’t resist its mid century charm.

You only planned on buying a dinner table, but you came home with a table, 6 chairs and a lounge chair.

What happened? You were up-sold and cross-sold, in a way that felt natural.


Fast forward to modern day times

How do we take the example above and translate it to the word of online retail? Enter, LemonStand!

LemonStand upsells product page

In the example above, you can see some upsells in the form of a few extra controllers. If you’re buying the core console, it only makes sense you’d want additional controllers. It’s relevant and not obnoxious. In fact you’re saving the shopper some time from having to browse around to find them. And look… if you buy them with the console, you save 10%. Awesome.

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You then notice some games at the bottom. Well, you need Zelda. Obviously. Link needs your help.

And if you didn’t add the controllers to your cart before proceeding to checkout, you might see the upsells offered there as well (or instead of).

LemonStand upsells cart page

This would be similar to how someone working the checkout at the furniture store may let you know about the chair discount if you were only buying the table.

How to use cross-sells and upsells in LemonStand

Cross-sells and upsells are managed easily in your LemonStand store. Simply navigate to the product in your catalog that you want to add upsells to, and you’ll find the Related Products section in the sidebar. Here’s what it looks like:

LemonStand cross-sells and upsells

The cross-sell and upsell user interface in LemonStand


Cross-sells are a way to add products that relate to the product you’re editing, but aren’t discounted if purchased in combination. Many stores have a “You might also be interested in” section on their product page to list cross-sells.

While upsells are an additional place to add complimentary products, but are more advanced. You can include a discount if purchased in combination with the main product, either fixed amount or %. Upsells also have a setting to limit the discount to apply to only the first upsell that’s added to the cart (if multiple are added, only the first one is discounted). You can also make the upsell only appear if the main product has already been added to the cart.

For both cross-sells and upsells, you can use drag and drop to change the order that they’ll appear in on your eCommerce website.

Finally, here’s an example from Phonesoap where they’re displaying upsells on their cart page:

Lemonstand upsells Phonesoap

Upward and onward

There you have it, folks. Cross-sells and upsells are a great way to increase your store’s average order value. They may even delight customers in the process by making it easy for them to get deals on complimentary products.