We live in an age of instant gratification. One click checkout, same day delivery, faster download speeds. People want things and they want them now.

When people visit your website, they’re looking for solutions to their problems. They think you might have that solution, so they browse around.

They might be looking to buy something for a friend, a partner, a child, or a parent. And while you may have advanced search and an optimized navigation, they still might have questions about your products. Will this fit? Can I return it if it doesn’t? When will it reach? Can I get it gift-wrapped?

Now, you’re not a mind reader. You don’t know what questions they’re asking. You hope that they’ll find their answers on your site, maybe in the FAQ section. Worst case scenario, they can send you an email or call you.

But they’re not going to do that. Do you know why? Because we live in an age of instant gratification.

You see, people want answers immediately. They’re not going to waste time crawling through your returns policy, or call you up to listen to your hold music. If they have a question that’s not immediately answered, they’re going somewhere else.

That’s why people like live chat. It’s right there, on the screen. You type in your question, you get a response. Click. Boom. It’s instantaneous.

In fact, out of all the customer service options available to online shoppers today, live chat scores the highest in terms of satisfaction ratings. A study found that 73% of people who have used live chat on a website were happy with the support they received, versus just 44% for phone calls.

Live chat versus others

That’s a significant difference. But the benefits don’t end at faster support. By answer questions immediately, you pre-empt customers from leaving your site. Instead, you help them find the right product and that leads to a sale.

In this post, we’ll show you how other eCommerce stores have increased their conversion rates and sales just by implementing live chat, and we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for implementing it on your store too.

Case Study #1: Rescue Spa

Rescue Spa is a boutique spa and an online retailer of upscale beauty products. They used to have a website that looked like it was built decades ago. The user experience was poor, the team found it tough to make changes, and customers couldn’t find what they were looking for. Needless to say, sales were pretty poor.

rescue spa live chat

A few years ago they decided to change this. They completely redesigned the site, and, to enhance the user experience even more, they implemented a live chat feature.

Previously Rescue Spa’s customers used to send emails or call them when they had questions. The problem with that was response times were pretty slow, and that meant customers didn’t get their answers in time.

With the new live chat feature, Rescue Spa was able to immediately help out customers, often guiding them through to a sale. In fact, for all customers who were supported via live chat, the conversion rates went up 30%!

Their overall revenue growth in the first year was a whopping 286% and they attribute a major chunk of that success to being able to support customer with live chat.

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Case Study #2: Total Gym Fitness

Total Gym Fitness has been selling fitness products since the 90s. They used to have infomercials with Chuck Norris on them, and they made most of their sales via the phone.

In this new age, however, things are different. They see fewer customers calling in, and more people browsing their website. While they tried keeping up with the latest in web design, they still realized something was missing. Customers were not getting that personal attention that they would during a phone call.

To solve this, they decided to implement a live chat feature. The live chat helped them answer customer questions during every stage of the conversion funnel. More importantly, with live chat, they were able to dig deep into the customer’s mindset and figure out exactly what their needs were.

Total gym live chat

Total Gym Fitness also found that many customers had questions in the checkout. As it so often happens, people have last minute objections just as they are about to enter their credit card details. Questions like how much does shipping cost or who pays for return shipments maybe be clearly answered in your shipping policy page, but the last thing you want is for your customer to abandon the checkout to go search for that answer. With the live chat feature, Total Gym Fitness were able to answer customers within seconds and close the sale.

The live chat feature also gave them excellent first-hand feedback from customers about the website. By analyzing every conversation, Total Gym Fitness could create hypotheses for changes to make on the site, and test them out to further increase conversion rates.

Overall, the live chat has accounted for 39% of all online orders and helped drive more sales to Total Gym Fitness.

Implement The Growth Hack

Implementing live chat on your store is a piece of cake. With ready-made solutions like Userlike all it takes is dropping a script into your store’s code. With a flexible eCommerce platform, you can add live chat to every page of your store, including the checkout, in minutes. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1

Sign up for Userlike and log in to your dashboard. Follow the instructions here to find your live chat script. It should look something like this.

Userlike live chat

Copy that and then head over to your LemonStand dashboard.

Step 2

In your LemonStand dashboard, head to the theme code editor. You want this to go into every page at the bottom of your site, so you’ll need to insert the code into the footer.

Head to the partials and find the ‘layout-foot’ partial. This is where all the footer scripts go. Simply paste the Userlike script in there and save the page.

LemonStand Userlike live chat

Et Voila! You have live chat on your store. To operate it, head back to your Userlike dashboard.

Time To Growth Hack

Pretty simple, right? Just adding chat support to your store can improve your customers’ experiences and increase your conversions.

If your conversion rates increased by 30%, how much extra in yearly revenues would your store earn? Let us know in the comments!

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