Long gone are the days when you could use traditional advertising channels to promote your product successfully. Modern customers crave interactivity and authenticity. For marketers, this means finding new and creative ways to reach your target audience. Instagram is a great channel to engage your target market in a new and more genuine way. Using Instagram to share ephemeral video content – which disappears within just 24 hours – can be a great strategy for online retailers to increase sales.

Instagram popularity is at its peak: the community has grown to over one billion active users. As the number of Instagrammers keeps growing, any company can find its target audience here. Thus, brands have taken to Instagram for marketing, vying with their competitors for the attention of potential customers.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it has become a great marketing tool to show off your products in a genuine way. To really stand out though, marketers need to implement new and creative marketing techniques. If you’re looking for a new way to build brand loyalty, promote your products, and increase sales, sharing ephemeral video content on Instagram is something you should seriously consider.

First things first: ephemeral content is a short-lived content that lasts for just 24 hours before disappearing. It appears in a separate feed, so it helps to avoid clogging your main feed up with posts. Moreover, ephemeral content can attract more people more quickly, as they’re afraid of missing the content before it’s gone.

Instagram ephemeral content, also known as Instagram Stories, comes in two forms – photos and videos. And while most people prefer to upload photo content, there are many reasons why ephemeral video content can have a much bigger impact.

So, why bother?

  • After watching branded social videos, around 64% of people make purchase decisions
  • Instagrammers have spent up to 80% more time watching videos from the last year
  • 87% of online marketers use video content, so by using static photos, you’re being left behind

The bottom line? Instagrammers find videos to be more engaging and interactive, so they’re proving to be more effective as a marketing tool for eCommerce brands in many cases.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the three types of ephemeral video content that you can share on Instagram:

1. Ephemeral Video on Instagram Stories

If you haven’t implemented your ephemeral video content strategy yet, think about the fact that over 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Using Stories is a way to share more about you, your business, your values, and your lifestyle without over posting on the main feed, since stories disappear within 24 hours. In fact, the fear of missing out (FOMO) tends to increase the amount of time Instagrammers spend on Stories.

For brands, Stories means reaching a loyal audience of users who are ready to discover more about your company and product.

And the best part? Instagram is great for eCommerce brands!

If you run a business account and you have more than 10K followers, you can add a clickable link or shoppable tags to allow interested followers to discover more about your product or service.

Here’s how to share ephemeral video content with Instagram Stories to increase sales…

Announce Your Product Launch

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to be innovative, and creating new products is a must. If you know your customers’ needs and wants, that’s great. If your new product can be beneficial for them, that’s even better.


Before your potential customers know about the benefits of your new product, promoting it on social media can be a waste of time and money.

The solution? Announce your product launch in Stories!

For example, Dunkin’ Donuts created ephemeral video to show off their new product, donut fries. After sharing videos in Stories, they added them as a separate album to Stories Highlights.

Ephemeral Video - Dunkin Donuts

The company used creative methods to make videos colorful and eye-catching. Plus, they had featured an emotional actor that helped to humanize the product. The bottom line? Staying creative is a great way to attract and hold your audience’s attention!

If you’re about to launch a new product, it’s high time to showcase it and help your potential customers learn more about its benefits, and starting with Instagram Stories is a great choice.

Share Product News

Running an eCommerce business, you need to find ways to inform your customers about your products and convince them to make purchase decisions. One of the best options is to tell your customers about new products. And it’s not just about new collections; you can inform them about new prints or sizes.

While many brands find it easier to upload product photos, videos can help you show off your product from different angles.

Let’s take a look at H&M. They not only share product news, they also add ephemeral video to show how their items look in action.

Ephemeral Video - H&M

To increase sales, you need to sell a lifestyle, not your product. Thus, videos help viewers imagine how they will look like in the same situations. This helps them to start thinking about your brand as an option.

Share Limited-Time Offers

No matter what your business is, your customers love offers and special deals. It’s in our nature to look for ways to save money, so marketers should understand what can grab their followers’ attention. Using limited-time offers is a powerful marketing tool that helps to increase sales.

When customers are pressed for time, they make spontaneous purchase decisions. So sharing limited-time offers is your chance to attract customers’ attention and sell your products faster.

Just take a look at WholeFoods. Every time they have deals, they add Stories to inform the followers about the offers and the deadlines.

Ephemeral Video - Whole Foods

Today’s consumer values their time, so including details on prices and deadlines helps followers understand why they need to take action now.

When you create a sense of urgency, your followers don’t want to miss something special, so they jump on the bandwagon and take you up on your offer.

Take Followers Behind the Scenes

Your business page is not just about your products.

If you want to build long-term relationships with customers, you need to stay genuine. And the best way to do this is to humanize your brand. Just imagine: 86% of people choose authenticity as the most important element when deciding which brands they support.

One of the best ways to boost brand authenticity is to show who’s working behind the scenes and share more about your team. For example, Grady’s Cold Brew takes videos of their staff members in the work environment.

Ephemeral Video - Grady's Cold Brew

Capturing sincere emotions is a great way to stay genuine and establish trust with followers.

No matter what you post, whether the process of working or sincere emotions of your workers, showing your followers a personal side to your business makes them feel special, and therefore increases trust. As a result, they can rely on you and your products.

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2. Live Stream

Going live isn’t brand new any more. In fact today, it’s gotten so easy that people can broadcast live streams using just their smart phones. For marketers, Instagram live streams have become a proven way to integrate offline and online marketing. Moreover, they allow marketers to turn followers into customers with ephemeral content.

Here’s how:

Organize Q&A Sessions

Your customers always have questions about your product. Since people want to know everything about your product before buying it, it’s vital to answer their questions clearly.

As a marketer, you’ll know your product inside out. Giving your prospective customers a direct line to a real person (or people), who can answer their questions can help you gain trust, build confidence in your product and close more sales.

A live stream is the perfect way to organize Q&A sessions to give your followers an opportunity to get their questions answered in a real time.

Case in point:

When Starbucks launched Ultra Caramel coffee, they looked for customers’ questions and created the answers to let other people understand more about the new product.

Ephemeral Video - Starbucks

The best part? Organizing a Q&A live stream can help you understand more about your customers and predict their needs and wants. It’s also a great opportunity for you to answer all those frequently asked questions you’re hearing.

Going live is a way to organize a quick chat with your followers and build loyal relationships. And the more your followers know about you and your product, the more likely it is they’ll buy it.

Stream Offline Events

Do you want your followers to feel connected? Give them a chance to see your offline events without needing to be there.

Making your offline events accessible in a real-time stream can help you reach more people and increase sales, even if they can’t attend in person.

One day ModCloth opened a new shop. They worked hard on the opening, and they couldn’t help sharing their effort with other followers who weren’t able to attend the opening.

Ephemeral Video - Modcloth


Very recently, Instagram has rolled out yet another new feature – IGTV (Instagram TV). It’s a great opportunity for content creators to upload long-form videos (up to 60 minutes). What’s more, IGTV allows users to watch full-screen vertical videos without having to rotate the phone, a much better video experience for the user.


  • It allows you to upload videos up to 60 minutes each
  • It helps to interact with viewers as they can like and comment on your video content
  • It can be promoted via your IG Stories

So, how can eCommerce brands use IGTV with ephemeral video content to increase your sales? Below are a few tactics that work really well.

Post How-To Videos

Today’s consumers put useful content high on the list. When it comes to evaluating your brand, they pay attention to whether or not you’re trying to give them something valuable and informative or just push your product. Online tutorials and how-to videos are a great way to promote your product while providing something of value to consumers.

People love to learn new stuff. To illustrate, Google recently found that searches related to “how to” had grown 70% year on year. And as an expert in your niche, you can be a great source of knowledge and learning.

Let’s take Maybelline, for example. As a makeup company, Maybelline produces various cosmetics. The company’s workers keep an eye on beauty trends, so they can teach their followers what’s trendy. Their marketing team often invites influential experts to create makeup tutorials for their followers.

Ephemeral Video - Maybelline

If people come to check out your Instagram account, chances are that they’re interested in your product to some degree. Sharing a step-by-step guide on how to use your product is a great way to show it off and give users the confidence to buy.

With the introduction of IGTV, you can now upload long-form tutorial videos that your followers can watch without ever leaving Instragram.

Invite Influencers to share their experience

To sell your product, you need to focus on selling solutions to the problems your customers are trying to solve. Consumers typically build trust when they read the reviews of other customers, this gives them the proof they need that the product will meet their needs.

The solution? Invite influencers to share their experience!

Influencer marketing is getting more and more popular, and Instagrammers rely on their reviews. Moreover, there are many ways to get more traffic with Instagram influencers.

Here’s what we can learn from Lululemon: if you want to sell your product, show off how it looks in action. And the best way to demonstrate that is to show influential people who’ve chosen your product. For example, as a sportswear company, Lululemon post yoga videos, featuring opinion leaders (mostly fit and good looking too) who wear their stuff.

Ephemeral Video - Lululemon

The bottom line? Videos like these can give your customers a glimpse of what it would be like to own your product or buy your service.

When you collaborate with influencers, they can not only validate that you’ve got a great product, but they can share and endorse it to their audiences, helping you get the word out and reach more customers.

Thank Your Customers

Customer satisfaction affects your bottom line. If you want to grow your business, you need to focus on your customers first, and never forget to tell them how much you value their business.

When you thank your customers for their loyalty, you create a personal connection, increasing their trust and loyalty.

MAC Cosmetics teaches us that making customers feel special is a must. In honor of their customers, they created a special collection and added a video to show their love.

Ephemeral Video - MAC Cosmetics

Nurturing ongoing relationships with your customers isn’t an easy task. However, when you show them you care, they’re more likely to trust you and come back for more. After all, people want to feel good about the brands they choose to buy from.

The next time you want to tell your followers about your achievements, make them a part of your glory.

In a Nutshell

Ephemeral video content on Instagram can help you increase your reach, keep your audience engaged, show off your products, and build trust and loyalty. By creating urgency and a fear of missing out, you can encourage customers to take action. This combination is a recipe for success and increased sales when done well.

So, are you ready to use ephemeral video content as part of marketing strategy?