Finding products quickly and efficiently from the admin area is critical to many online retailers. This is pretty easy if your catalog is relatively small. For retailers with larger catalogs, scrolling through a very long list of products spread across multiple pages to find what they want is less than ideal.

We have recently released a brand new search feature to rapidly search and filter products from the admin panel of your store. This allows you to quickly narrow down the list of products currently displayed, and find what you’re looking for.

Results update nearly in real-time as you type in the search field.

By default, searching for multiple words pulls results that contain any of the words. This means it uses an OR operator, for the nerds out there. Searching for¬†brown shoes¬†would find products with “brown” OR “shoes” in the name or SKU.

We also have implemented some search “filters” that work similarly to what you might be used to in Gmail’s search. For example, typing enabled:on shoes would return all products that have “shoes” in the name or SKU, and are enabled.

LemonStand real-time product search

Right now, you can also use category filters. You could search for category:”Sporting goods” to find all products in the category that matched that name. Note, that right now it is strict in that the category name must match exactly and is case sensitive, but we’re going to make this more flexible very soon.

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When not using any filters, product search currently searches within the name and SKU fields only.

In the future, we can also develop a user interface that will allows you to build filters interactively, and behind the scenes it would be using this search technology.

Advanced search features

In the coming days, we will be releasing some more powerful and flexible ways to find products using the search feature. Here are some examples:

Exact match:

“red bull”

OR match:

red bull
red | bull

AND match:

red AND bull

Field match:

red bull category:”energy drink”

Negate match:

-red bull

Powerful underlying technology

The most exciting news is that the underlying technology which makes this possible is truly amazing. It’s laid a foundation for LemonStand to offer search features that are beyond the current industry standard.

This same technology will be used to power the customer facing search features on the front-end of stores. It will also be used to power the long awaited faceted navigation feature, and enable us to deliver a solution that’s extremely fast.