If you’ve been a subscriber to this blog for a fair amount of time, you know that the posts we publish are different from the typical fare. I’ve lost track of the number of eCommerce blogs out there, but most of them publish the same thing every time. If you’ve never sold a product online before, those posts are helpful. But, if you’ve been in the business long enough, reading posts titled ’10 Ways To Make Your First Sale’ is a waste of your time.

We built LemonStand for a certain type of retailer. We are the eCommerce platform built for growth. And so, it follows that our blog targets the same type of retailer, the ones who want to grow fast. The ones who’ve been there and done that, and are tired of listening to the same old marketing advice.

That’s why our content is different. We don’t regurgitate the stuff you already know. Instead, we talk about new ways you can grow faster, walking you through every step of the process, and back it up with case studies and data.

Ultimately, our goal is to help retailers succeed and outgrow their competition in this vast and crowded world called the Internet. Everything we do, from building software to writing blog posts, is done with that goal in mind.

Last week, we took another step in the direction of that goal. We’ve been thinking of new ways to help you get the advice you need and so we created a new community. We’re calling it eComm Hacker, and it’s a community for retailers who are focussed on growth.

Welcome to eComm Hacker

A Curated Newsletter

With eComm Hacker, we want to help you even more by bringing you the best growth content from around the web. Yeah, we’re not the only ones producing awesome content on ways to grow your business. There are other blogs and experts out there doing the same thing, many of whom we’ve collaborated with before.

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So, to start with, eComm Hacker will be a curated newsletter. We’ll collect the best eCommerce growth content, put it together into an email, and send it to you once every week.

Save time searching for growth ideas online, and spend more time actually growing your business.

A Community of Experts

Eventually, we want eComm Hacker to be more than just a newsletter. We want it to grow into a community and connect you with other eCommerce growth experts. Imagine a place where eCommerce growth marketers around the world share their experiments and findings with you. A place where you’ll never run out of new growth ideas to test on your store. That’s what we hope eComm Hacker will become.

An Inner Circle

There are so many interesting products and tools to help you grow your business, and new ones popping up each day. As an eCommerce platform, we partner up and integrate with many of them. That means we’ll be able to hook you up with some interesting perks and deals. It’s just another way of enabling you to grow faster.

Come and Join Us!

We’ve just created this community, and we’re excited about where it can go. But we can’t do it without you. Right now, you have the chance to join us at the ground floor, and help shape the future of eComm Hacker.

Are you in?

Yes, I’m In!