We’ve been cranking out new product features and app integrations faster and faster lately, but we think today’s announcement is huge.  Over the last year or two, we’ve responded to customer requests and expanded the number of integrated payment gateways to almost 20, with 2 of those gateways supporting our built-in subscriptions management features.

That is a solid list of payment options, but as we grow and the word gets out about LemonStand’s refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform, we see a steady stream of requests for even more payment options around the world and especially for more payment options for our subscription features, which until now were limited to just 2.

We knew that if we could find a way to expand our payments support quickly to a lot more payment gateways around the world for all types of online retailers, we’d open up all kinds of great growth opportunities for LemonStand, so that’s just what we did!  Check out the details on just what we’ve done below.

95+ Gateways and 100+ Countries

We are thrilled to announce that as of today, LemonStand now supports over 95 payment gateways covering over 100 countries around the world.  Yes, we have expanded our list by over 500%. Here are some highlights:

  • North America – Authorize.net, BeanStream, Braintree, Cybersource, Elavon, First Data, Moneris, PayPal, Payflow Pro, PayU Latam, Sage Payment Solutions, Stripe, Vantiv, WePay, WorldPay US and many more
  • UK&Ireland – Authorize.net, Barclaycard Smartpay, Bluesnap, Cybersource,  Payment Express,  PayPal, Paymill, Realex,  Sage Pay, Stripe, Worldpay and many more
  • Australia & New Zealand – Authorize.net, Braintree, Fat Zebra, NAB Transact, Pin Payments, SecurePay Australia, Stripe, Worldpay, eWay and many more

Want to see the whole list for all countries? Search all of our integrated payment providers here.

Sell Subscriptions through 90+ Gateways too

Okay, so it’s pretty awesome that we added so many payment options right? Another thing that makes LemonStand different than most other eCommerce platforms is we’ve built in support for different online retail business models. With LemonStand, you can sell one time purchase consumer items, wholesale/B2B products, digital download products, and even recurring subscriptions without the need to stitch together multiple apps and separate payment processors. With this update all but a handful of our available payment gateways now support our recurring subscription billing features too.

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Let Customers Save Card Details for Easy Repurchases

But wait, there’s more! Online retailers work hard to win new customers, so wouldn’t it be great if you could make the most of this by offering your customers a way to securely save their card details for easy and convenient repurchases? Many large online retailers offer this convenience, but with most eCommerce platforms for small and medium-sized businesses, this just isn’t possible. Well, with this update all LemonStand Premium plan customers can make enable their customers to securely save their card details with any type of transaction, making it easy to reorder without the extra hassle of entering them again.

No Transaction Fees, Penalties or Sales Pitches

Yet another one of the things that’s different about LemonStand vs. some of the other major eCommerce players is that we have always believed that merchants should be able to make their own decisions on who they use for payments.  We don’t push a preferred partner for kicking back a cut of your hard earned revenue, or sell our own branded payment processing service.  And we never charge extra transaction fees on top of what you pay your chosen payments provider, no matter who that is.  We want to stay laser focused on building an awesome platform to help merchants sell their products and services online.

PCI Compliance Built-In

If you’re wondering about PCI compliance (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that ensures payment card information is handled securely), as always, we’ve got you covered there. LemonStand has securely integrated all of our new payment integrations through a PCI Level 1 Compliant credit card vaulting system to securely process and store all card data and transactions in compliance with the PCI-DSS standard. We also use SSL encryption to secure all website pages, not just the checkout (some platforms only encrypt the checkout pages).

We’re hoping this big expansion of our payments support will help out a lot of online retailers around the world who’ve been asking for it. And for those of you who still don’t see the payment gateway you want (really?), please reply in the comments below and make your request. You may be surprised how quickly we say yes!