We’re thrilled to officially announce a new feature that many online retailers have been asking and waiting for: LemonStand’s built-in Content Management System for online retail!

Despite being super easy to use, it packs a punch with some amazing features specific to eCommerce. But, more on that later.

Something that LemonStand strongly believes in is the seamless combination of Content with Commerce. The best online retailers are doing this effectively and growing rapidly because of it. It’s kind of a big deal (if you like selling more products). Here’s why:

Content is a requirement of any eCommerce marketing strategy

Publishing high quality content is fundamental to engaging with customers through social media channels, being findable and ranking well on organic search. It also directly contributes to building a brand that demonstrates helpfulness and personality.

There’s a mountain of data that makes it obvious that every online retail brand needs a content marketing plan as part of their overall marketing strategy. For instance, according to Demand Metric, content marketing generates approximately 3x more leads than traditional marketing, and 82% of consumers have a more positive opinion about a brand after reading custom content.

The question is no longer “should our company publish content?” Today, the question that online retailers must ask is “how should our company publish content that has the biggest impact?”

Content marketing generates approximately 3x more leads than traditional marketing. Click To Tweet

Content + Commerce does the selling for you… without selling

Consumers are becoming allergic to blatant advertising. You’ve probably heard about “banner blindness” and know firsthand that aggressive in-your-face advertising does more to repel than attract.

Publishing quality content that is genuinely helpful to your customers is the most important thing to remember. If your content only contains promotional messages, it won’t be very helpful.

But, an eCommerce website’s primary goal is to generate sales, right? So, how can retailers reconcile the need to sell products with consumers increasing distaste for advertising?

Helpful content can sell products without being overly promotional. LemonStand’s new CMS feature helps retailers combine content with commerce in a natural way that builds, educates customers, and makes the sale!

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Great content attracts new customers to your brand

Search engine optimization has changed a lot. Stuffing keywords in meta tags and buying bulk quantities of shady backlinks no longer works, and can even get your website banned from Google and other search engines. Algorithms have improved to the point where gaming the system isn’t an option.

To rank well, your website needs to be built properly, and solve problems for people. Content is an incredible way for retail brands to solve problems for their customers.

Quality content is the raw material needed for a website to rank well. Useful, well-written content will attract backlinks and get shares on social media. Pretty soon this content will start showing up when consumers are searching for a solution, whether it’s jewelry ideas for a special occasion or a new set of wrenches to replace their brakes.

Great content can take many forms. LemonStand’s Content Management System goes way beyond your basic retail blog software, and helps retailers publish different types of content that attracts more customers and sells more products.

High quality content is the raw material needed for any website to rank well in search engines. Click To Tweet

Introducing the LemonStand Content Management System

Without further ado, we’d like to welcome you to our new, built-in CMS!

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Here’s a rundown of its features:

Publish content easily

Our straightforward publishing tools make it a cinch for store operators to create and manage different types of content themselves.

  • Publish multiple content types including web pages, blog posts, and announcements (with more content types on the way)
  • Built-in beautiful and easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Define categories to organize and present content in a way that makes sense to your customers
  • Clear content publishing workflow and simple bulk editing
  • Easily upload images and set your featured image

LemonStand CMS blog post edit

Complete design flexibility

Our eCommerce CMS gives web designers complete flexibility over content presentation and the user experience.

  • Create and customize design templates with your favorite front-end tech and the powerful Twig theming language
  • Design content archive templates and apply advanced filters by content type, category, date, page or combined filters
  • Develop any format of content feed, as well as many feed customizations by defining your feeds using Twig
  • Download our free LemonSync tool for fast local theme development and workflow

“LemonStand’s CMS features give us all the design control we need and more.”
Zack Carlson, Lead Developer at Wowza

Optimize SEO and Grow Traffic

Take full control over URL structure, metadata and all aspects of search engine optimization to grow organic traffic.

  • Customize and tune URL slugs for improved search ranking
  • Create hand-crafted excerpts that summarize your content for use in archive pages
  • Increase search engine discoverability with custom title tags
  • Generate backlinks and social shares by easily publishing quality content

“At The Jibe, we’re passionate about the intersection of content, community, and commerce. LemonStand’s new CMS feature makes it easy for business to create content that supports the growth of their online store.”
Leah Wagner, Front-End Developer at The Jibe

Integrate Content to the Buying Process

LemonStand cms product embeds

Shortcodes make it easy to seamlessly embed products into content, helping customers find, learn about and buy products.

  • Include products as inline links with your text in any web page, blog post or announcement
  • Embed rich product blocks that include product details, an image and even a “Buy Now” button
  • Easily integrate reusable custom text and html widget blocks into a page or post to promote store sales, email opt-ins and more

“LemonStand is the only eCommerce platform that allowed us to seamlessly embed products right into our content, making it almost too easy for customers to buy!”
Martin Bravo, Freelance Web Designer

Getting started with the LemonStand CMS

LemonStand’s Content Management System is available to all of our customers today. If you aren’t already using LemonStand, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial here.

If you’re a web designer and want to dig into customizing the theme templates, head over to our CMS documentation here.

What’s next?

LemonStand is taking the content marketing strategies and technology that the best online retailers are using and making it available to hundreds of thousands of online retailers.

By combining content + commerce in a seamless way, retailers can get a leg up on their competition, build stronger brands, attract more customers (that turn into fans) and generate more sales.

This is just the start. Stay tuned for even more product features that are on the way that’ll help retailers grow their businesses with content marketing.