Hey, it’s been awhile. How’s your year going? Good? Us too!

We’re no Tom Hiddleston, but we can humble brag with the best of them. We’re happy to share some new releases that might tickle your fancy.

Subscriptions Enhancements

We’re really psyched about this one. We’ve made our subscription engine even more powerful by adding unified billing dates, so depending on the schedule you choose, you can select a unified billing date to bill/renew all of your subscribers on the same day, or you can charge customers on subscription creation. Maximum flexibility!

Oh yeah, we also added the ability for customers to change products they’re subscribed to. Yeah, customers can actually be like “hmm, next month I think I want socks with pugs on them, instead of sloths”. Isn’t that great!?

Of course, we’ve updated our API docs with some new subscription orders and products endpoints. Check it out!

If you’d like a nice bedtime story about how these features work in real life, and how they benefitted a startup by the name of Fuud, read on.

New Listviews

Our new Listviews tabbed structure makes finding a product or an order a breeze, and I also happen to think the color scheme is super cute. See below for our product list with views for improved filtering, better sorting and a fancy floating bar for bulk actions:

product listview new releases

Product Upsells and Cross-sells

In case you missed Danny’s post on Upsells and Cross-sells, read more here for details on how you can leverage this feature to increase your average order size by encouraging customers to add complimentary products to their order. This baby is built right into LemonStand, rather than it being an app you have to add on.

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This is what it looks like, and you can easily add it under Product Catalog > Products.

LemonStand cross-sells and upsells

New Integrations


ShipRush Web streamlines the parcel, freight and LTL shipping process for online retailers so they can save money and spend more time with their customers.  Retailers can import orders from LemonStand, instantly compare carrier rates and delivery dates in one central rate dashboard, bulk print labels, and look up and track orders from any web browser. We’re happy to have them!


Now, integrating with Zapier is (more of) a cinch. We went ahead and added some pre-made Zaps based on common use cases (submitted by you!) We hope this will increase efficiency for ya, but just remember that there is still heaps more you can do with Zapier, beyond these.

And while you’re checking that out, you may stumble across…

Our new Integrations Directory

I know what you’re thinking: “Marin, how could LemonStand possibly have MORE new releases?” I don’t even know, you guys.

Now you can easily key in, search, and filter for any LemonStand integration in the backend, with ease. It looks something like this:

LemonStand Integrations directory

Our homepage is prettier than before

Enough said:

lemonstand new releases

Other things

That’s not all. We have some other things in the works, but it’s top secret, I’m not allowed to tell you, and it definitely doesn’t have to do with making our themes sexier, OK?!

What features are your faves? Which ones are you dying to see from us? Let us know in the comments section below.