We thought it would be fun to create a league of stores that are pioneers of the LemonStand 2 SaaS platform.

The LemonStand Pioneer League (LPL) will work directly with our CTO, Aleksey (the coach?), to get up and running on the LemonStand SaaS Beta, selling real products to real customers. Stores that are drafted will receive personalized (and free) integration and consultation.

We’ll bring on new stores in rounds. For round 1, we’ll be drafting 3 stores. Once all stores from round 1 are launched, we’ll draft in more stores.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for stores from a variety of verticals. You could have an existing store that you want to upgrade, or a new store that you want to launch.

There are a few requirements:

  • Your store must be based out of the USA and Canada (simply because the SaaS Beta exclusively supports Stripe to accept payments).
  • You need to have design mockups ready (HTML/CSS coded mockups are a bonus).
  • You should sell simple products, like t-shirts or paintings. Complex products with customizable options are not supported right now.
  • You must be comfortable and excited to be an early adopter! New features are being added every 2 weeks, but the SaaS is still in Beta, so there are some features not yet available. Be ready to start with a minimal product.
  • You must be ready to sell product!
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You could be a developer, a store owner or somewhere in between.

Drafting stores run by people that are excited to be pioneers of a next generation eCommerce platform that’s shaking things up.

What’s in it for you?

Glad you asked!

  1. Integration services free of charge from a world-class engineer.
  2. The opportunity to work closely and behind the scenes with the LemonStand team.
  3. Get your store featured on our blog, newsletter and our social media channels.
  4. The chance to influence the direction and future of LemonStand!
  5. More goodies (Maybe an LPL t-shirt?)

Get drafted into the LPL!

We’ll announce the chosen round 1 draft picks soon.

Let’s build you an amazing online store on a next generation eCommerce platform. Apply below.

Edit: Due to spam, please email us if you’re interested.