While some businesses might slow down a bit over the summer months, at LemonStand we’ve been putting the pedal to the metal and cranking out improvements to our eCommerce platform faster than ever. Below are some of the new features and improvements we’ve rolled out recently.

New and Improved Zapier Integration

We first integrated to Zapier last year and many of our customers have already been using this integration with a lot of success.  Zapier lets you connect LemonStand to more than 500 apps and automate workflow. Here’s how it works: Zapier watches your apps for new data, and kicks off actions based on the rules that you set. This makes it easy for you to integrate LemonStand to a wide variety of apps that you may rely on for your online store, including:

  • Email marketing and automation tools
  • CRM software
  • Accounting and ERP systems
  • Spreadsheets, databases and analytics tools
  • Social media accounts
  • And many, many more!

Our new and improved Zapier integration now:

  • Triggers on more events, including New Customer, New Order, New Product and Order Status Change events
  • Lets you send more detailed data through Zapier, such as order line-items (ie. sku, quantity, price)
  • Can now pass email opt-in confirmation on New Customer and New Order events
  • Provides a growing library of Shared Zaps (details below)
  • Has updated documentation that makes it easy to set up a Shared Zap or create or customize your own
  • Is publicly available without requiring an invite link

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve built a library of zaps that connect LemonStand to some of the most popular apps that our customers use in their eCommerce businesses. With just a few mouse clicks you can start using these integrations right away, you can even customize them to fit your needs.

We’ll be continuously adding more of these shared zaps based on customer feedback, and you’ll can check out the full list at any time here.

Store Administration Improvements

We’ve also been working on some enhancements to store administration features and usability based on feedback from customers.  Some of the highlights are listed below.

CSV Export

Our new data export feature that lets you export your order, customer and product data to CSV (comma separated value) files.  This makes it easy for you to open and analyze your data in spreadsheets like MS Excel and Google Sheets, and do advanced data analysis and visualizations using tools like Tableau and MS Power BI. In addition to our Zapier integration above, this feature gives you yet another way integrate your data to external CRM, ERP, accounting and other systems.

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Export Orders to CSV

You can now configure the local time zone for your store

This will ensure that all date/time stamps across your store will be reflected in your local time zone terms no matter where in the world your business is. You can set the time zone from your LemonStand admin panel on the Business Settings -> Store Settings page.

Store Settings Timezone

Shipping improvements

Shipping rates can now be calculated as a percent of the order total in addition to as a set amount or amounts. This adds more flexibility to how you can calculate shipping rates when using custom table rates. As well, we now expose an additional field for delivery days when retrieving real-time rate information from carriers (when available). This helps you better set expectations with your customers on when they’ll receive their goods.

New customer and order fields to track email opt-ins

There are new fields available that can be used to track whether a customer has opted in to your email newsletter when they register a new account or during checkout. This ensures you can adhere to CANSPAM or other regulatory requirements depending on where you operate your business.

Bulk CSV import for coupon codes

This is especially handy if you need to bulk import unique codes for a Groupon campaign or similar.

Audit log for tracking administrative user actions

We’ve added a log for key administrative user actions so that you can troubleshoot issues and any user activity that may have caused them more easily.


Other improvements

We’re always looking for ways to improve and streamline store development and administration. Recent user interface improvements include:

  • Usability improvements for managing products and variants in the product catalog
  • Standardized date formats
  • Custom fields in orders are now accessible via our REST API


As you can see, we haven’t exactly been taking a summer break when it comes to product development. And here’s the best part, more improvements are just around the corner! Stay tuned for an even bigger announcement in the next few weeks! And for anyone who’s got feature requests or suggestions for more pre-built shared Zaps, feel free to share them in the comments below or by emailing our support team.