In 2017, US eCommerce sales grew 16% compared to the prior year, reaching $453.36 Billion. That’s impressive, but even more incredible is subscription commerce, which has grown more than 100%, year over year, for the past 5 years according to McKinsey

Subscription eCommerce is exploding, and now is the time to start a subscription company.

LemonStand’s making things easier for subscription eCommerce companies

One of our goals at LemonStand is to make it easier to start, grow and be innovative as a subscription eCommerce company.

That’s why in 2017 we released a large number of new features for subscription companies, and we’ve sped up that pace in 2018 already, with lots more to come.

All this hard work is paying off. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing many subscription companies achieve big success on LemonStand. To name a few, take a look at these trailblazers:

Part of helping subscription companies launch faster is providing themes that are designed specifically for their business–that’s something we’re working on this year. And to kick it off, we’re ecstatic to release FrescoBox, a free LemonStand theme made for subscription eCommerce businesses!

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Drumroll please… 🥁



FrescoBox feature highlights

  • It’s designed specifically for subscription companies!
  • Extensive customization options for colors, text, images, social links, navigation bar + more!
  • Upload large background photos for all main sections of the theme
  • Beautiful blog section for content marketing
  • Customizable product page layout and content
  • Choose which products/subscription plans to feature on the homepage
  • Responsive, built using the Bootstrap + Sass
  • Page for customers to manage their own subscription (update card, change billing plan, pause, cancel, reactivate)

Where to get it

FrescoBox is available to install from the admin panel of your store (try LemonStand for free here), and it’s also available on Github.

If you want to get a feel for what it’s like in action, you can check out a demo store for the theme over here.