In 2017, Sydney-based startup Whisky Loot launched their curated subscription service on LemonStand. To develop their highly customized subscription-eCommerce site, they selected LemonStand agency partner We Are Visionists. Whisky Loot’s goal was to create an inviting and easy-to-understand process for their visitors to learn about and sign up for this unique service. To get the full story, we interviewed Whisky Loot founder, Joel Hauer.

Introduce Whiskyloot and tell us your story

“Whisky Loot is a whisky experience service. We curate a selection of high quality whiskies from distilleries around the world, delivering tasters to our customers via a monthly subscription service. Whisky Loot isn’t just about getting whisky delivered to your door, it’s about exploring, experiencing, enjoying and learning more about Whisky, the distillers, and the flavours.”

How are you growing your online sales? What marketing and growth strategies and/or tactics are working for you?

“As a brand, we’re primarily focus on building credibility and trust with our audience, which comes down to providing insightful content and credible press mentions. Our content and PR led strategy takes people through to the homepage, then allowing them to subscribe and receive incentives to continue the Whisky Loot journey with full bottle purchases.”

How do you handle things like customer service, shipping, fulfillment, etc. Are there any tools you’re using that help?

“Customer service is paramount for our business. We focus on ensuring a smooth online experience, by providing live-chat with immediate responses, as well as a thorough support team to handle deliveries and gift redemptions. From the beginning, we’ve mangaged order fulfillment ourselves through our head office in Sydney, due to the alcohol nature of the product. Future growth will help us scale our operations to service more customers around Australia and the world. “

 Whiskyloot Tasting


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What is your overall impression of LemonStand?

“We’ve enjoyed working with Lemonstand to build our eCommerce subscription business due to its flexibility to customise the checkout, create recurring billing, and providing increased SEO opportunities when compared to other providers like Shopify. We’re never waiting long for a reply from their customer service team, who are more than happy to help both our operations team, and developers with their queries.”

What are some of your favorite features of LemonStand and why?

“LemonStand provides us with the ability to build in a subscription model which is fully integrated into the platform with no need for third party add-ons.”

Would you recommend LemonStand to others who need an eCommerce site? Why?

“Yes definitely, especially for businesses that need the ability to offer flexible subscription options. Subscription are an integral part of why we chose Lemonstand, and why we’ll continue to work with them to build the online part of our business. ”


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